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    @Diamond7 Something went wrong on your post, it put it as a quote from me, but I did not say that.
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    Entire Sanctification

    Honestly, it probably depends a lot on how the experience and or post is worded. But broadly, yes, this would be the right place as it is a pretty standard Methodist teaching.
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    This will change the world.

    Welcome to the forums! It really is great to have you as a part of the forums. As a heads up, please note the below rules that may apply to future posts: Videos posted in the Opening Post (OP) need to contain a summary of the video, including what it is about and a few key points. An...
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    Many watery baptisms.

    OK, I can live with that :)
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    Many watery baptisms.

    I disagree that they should be parsed into separate scriptures, to do so risks elevating one above the rest. The body of Scripture as a whole should be used to interpret the whole, one is not elevated above the other. Indeed it is.
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    Many watery baptisms.

    I agree 100%.
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    Many watery baptisms.

    No, the process of purification, which is all Mikveh really is, is well documented in the scriptures. It is found throughout Leviticus and Numbers. Please look back and understand that I am primarily saying that it is what would make baptism a familiar purification process to 1st century Jews...
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    Apostolic Succession in the Roman Catholic and Lutheran Churches

    I believe likewise the ELCA would fall under this same category. Having, IIRC received their AS through the Episcopal Church but not seeing it as required.
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    Don't Bite the Hand

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    Many watery baptisms.

    I am quite aware of the differences between today's Rabbinic and Karaite Judaism in contrast with the different streams present in the 1st century. I am also quite aware of the practices that were common based in scripture and Jewish tradition at the time. In all due respect I am probably much...
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    Study points to worse mental health outcomes for women who have abortions versus giving birth

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    Many watery baptisms.

    Not really, Mikvah use was a central part (and still is for Orthodox) of Jewish life. I am not saying Mikvah use is the same thing as Baptism, rather that it is a shadow of what was to come. Rivers and lakes can be used as Mikvah to this day, and Jewish people would have been very familiar with...
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    Many watery baptisms.

    Being as Baptism is a adaption, elevation even of the ritual Mikvah use we can be fairly confident that full immersion was the initial practice. Whether full immersion is needed to effect a Baptism as it is not actually the same act as using a Mikvah is another matter. I lean that it is not...
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    Dumbest Jokes of All Time

    haha, as a Floridian, I can say this is highly accurate.
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    UMC Split - the Traditional Denomination and the rest

    This 100%. I believe that many of the larger churches don't see a lot of value in joining a new traditional type denomination, why should they send thousands of dollars annually when they could use those revenues locally. My church is going that route with plowing the money back into children's...
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    Jewish Hand-reading

    Fair enough, thank you for conversing with me. Honestly it has been nice and I appreciate your kindness. I am so happy to read that your prayers were answered for housing.
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    Considering re-opening Salt of The Earth forum

    Thanks everyone, I am going to lock the thread now, no reason to beat the dead horse.
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    Jewish Hand-reading

    With all due respect to you, you are ignoring the rest of the chapter to single out a verse that alone would seem to support your theory, but in context does not. In context the verses are not talking about literally wealth in one hand and life in the other, it is part of the passage speaking on...
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    Considering re-opening Salt of The Earth forum

    Thanks for all that voted, to be honest I was hoping for more than 7 votes. However, being that as it is, we will not move forward with opening the other forum again at this time, a single vote in favor is not enough to warrant a mandate. Thank you all for participating.
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    Jewish Hand-reading

    I don't believe that the verse is intended to be read as a manual for palm reading. Many (most) of the Proverbs are meant to be read as a manual for right living, not as a literal promise or direction. The passage quoted, when read in context of the chapter, is comparing Wisdom to a queen...