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  1. Nichole

    Help, I can't stop...

    ^_^ BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.......I thought the exact same thing! Now he keeps tra la la la ing around the house! Ughhhhhhh!!!
  2. Nichole

    Offensive Tattoo

    JUSTIN!!! Come back to church!!! Forget about the tattoos!!! I have 2 and one is on my ankle and when I don't wear a long skirt that covers it up I try and wear dark nylons so it can't be seen much!!! I just tell myself it is more important for me to be in church then to worry about what others...
  3. Nichole

    It's a start

    Awesome news!!!
  4. Nichole

    Please pray for Kirkhaven

    Lord have mercy! Any news?
  5. Nichole

    Oh, what JOY!!

    WOW! That's awesome Dorothy! :-)
  6. Nichole

    Prayer Request

    Lord have mercy!
  7. Nichole

    Sick baby

    Lord have mercy!
  8. Nichole

    Inquirer who can't get to Church

    Since hubby and I have 1.5 hour drive to church every Sunday, our priest told us if we can not make it on some Sundays, to do our prayers together at home. Since this lady does not have mode of transportation, maybe she could do prayers also and watch Divine Liturgy on the internet.
  9. Nichole

    How is Lent going for every one?

    Hey! I know how you feel. Sometimes I feel like I am going to fall over working out, when I go. I have learned to take extra calcium supplements during fasting periods and to eat LOTS and LOTS of BEANS!!! They are chocked full of protein! Nuts are great too!
  10. Nichole

    Recommend Lenten reading?

    "The Way of a Pilgrim" and "Saint Nektarios: The Saint of our Century"
  11. Nichole


    What happened to Yasmina? Has anyone heard from here since she posted this thread?
  12. Nichole

    OT: Baking hints for Christmas

    Throw it out and buy a new bag! LOL!
  13. Nichole

    Myrrh-Gushing Russian Miraculous Icon Visiting USA

    St. Nicholas of Myra's relics actually exudes manna. I received a bottle of it from the Basilica San Nicola in Bari, Italy where his relics are kept. There is no smell or scent, which made some to believe that I was sent a bottle of water. Which is sad if true. This is the Basilica's...
  14. Nichole

    Baptism tomorrow

    Congratulations! Xronia Polla!
  15. Nichole

    Myrrh-Gushing Russian Miraculous Icon Visiting USA

    Yes, quite a haul, but would be well worth it!
  16. Nichole

    Myrrh-Gushing Russian Miraculous Icon Visiting USA

    Yea, I want to go to that parish in SC, but not sure if we will be or not. It is about 7 hours from us.
  17. Nichole

    ST-Mary appearing in Egypt next to a cross!!

    Wow.....that is amazing! Wasn't Egypt where St. Mary was (in the desert)?
  18. Nichole


    Congratulations to you! Babies are blessings from God. One day you will realize why this blessing in disguise happened. Your baby was meant to be BEFORE conception ever happened! When people talk about abortions it saddens me. My husband and I have been declared infertile (in the process of...
  19. Nichole

    Update and prayer request...

    We have other "fertility issues" as well, just not related to thyroid. I would say thyroid is least of the problem now! ;) He started WOC school beginning of 2nd week of Thanksgiving and then I got first phone call the night before Thanksgiving telling me to come on post for lunch...
  20. Nichole

    A joke...

    Tee hee hee! :)