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  1. sunshine100

    will a guy want to be with me?

    that does help to know that about you,you and me are a lot alike.
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    Pray for dental appointment

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    Kitten Family

  4. sunshine100

    Prayer over living situation

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    Prayers requested

  6. sunshine100

    prayer request

  7. sunshine100

    Prayer request for Woman with ALS

  8. sunshine100


    Hello and welcome Liz
  9. sunshine100

    Ex-occultist now a Christian Seeking

    Hello and welcome
  10. sunshine100

    hello my name is jack and i am a Christian

    Hello and welcome
  11. sunshine100

    New Member: From Atheism to Christianity

    Hello and welcome
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    New member

    Hello and welcome
  13. sunshine100

    money and greed

    ok let's say you told someone you didn't have all of the money they wanted and you said you didn't have it,they told you give me all of it or I will kill you.
  14. sunshine100

    money and greed

    You listen here you don't tell me that you can go and f yourself.
  15. sunshine100

    money and greed

    No one,it's just a saying that money causes greed.
  16. sunshine100

    money and greed

    yeah I understand,it's all about being when push comes to shove.
  17. sunshine100

    What would the reaction be?

    I would say for people to be more understanding and more love in this world.
  18. sunshine100

    Prayers for younger sister

  19. sunshine100

    prayers please