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    Second Style Is Live

    I like the new format, but it runs much slower on my computer than the old one, so I probably won't be coming here much anymore. This is the only site that runs this slow on my computer.
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    New to this movement, please help clarify

    The one baptism (Eph. 4:5) is a baptism into Jesus Christ, into his death and resurrection (Rom. 6:3-4) and does result in our salvation (Titus 3:5; 1 Peter 3:21). It is baptism of water and the Spirit (John 3:5), but it is only one baptism.
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    Are children born sinless?

    I don't think it really matters what one's view of original sin is. According to Romans 5:12-19 whatever the whole of humanity got, or would have gotten, from Adam's sin is completely done away with, cancelled out, and negated by the atoning work of grace accomplished by Christ on the cross...
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    purpose of church service

    I believe the purpose of the church service is to edify the saints.
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    What bible does your SBC preach out of?

    The preacher at the church I attend preaches out of the KJV. I use the NASB as my main Bible but also refer to the ESV and HCSB quite a bit.
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    The way to understand Acts 2:38

    You're right, of course. So here is the closest I found: "The original NASB has earned the reputation of being the most accurate English Bible translation."
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    The way to understand Acts 2:38

    Only the shed blood of our Lord can wash away sins. That fact that that happens when we are baptized lends no power or efficacy to the act of baptism itself. It is still the blood of Jesus that washes away sin not baptism.
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    The way to understand Acts 2:38

    I'm not surprised. I'm sure that's not the only one that disagrees with my analysis.
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    The way to understand Acts 2:38

    I appreciate Robertson's scholarship and yours as well. However, all the scholarship in the world doesn't mean that someone is always going to be right. I disagreed with Robertson earlier and I still do on that one point.
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    The way to understand Acts 2:38

    Thanks. I never denied that. Absolutely. No disagreement here. I didn't provide a source because I'm and eclectic reader and I don't always keep track of where I read everything.
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    The way to understand Acts 2:38

    I wouldn't say I've examined every example, but I have looked at 152 examples (I don't know if that's every or not). And not once is eis translated "because of" in these 152 examples. I believe the translation experts who say that the NASB is the closest and best word for word translation in...
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    American Christian Church

    Never heard of the American Christian Church, but there is a group called the American Evangelical Christian Church, which, as far as I know, has nothing to do with the Restoration Movement. The AECC was started in 1944.
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    The way to understand Acts 2:38

    I disagree with Robertson's analysis. Particularly the phrase where he says, "The illustrations of both usages are numerous in the N.T. and the Koin generally (Robertson, Grammar, p. 592)." I don't about the Koin generally, but this is not true of the New Testament. As I said, in the New...
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    Lets get to know eachother

    Your name: Divide How old are you: 68 Married or single: married What you do for fun: post on Christian websites Your favorite bible verse: 1 John 1:9 You favorite bible person: Besides Jesus....David Your favorite book of the bible: 1 John
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    The way to understand Acts 2:38

    I checked my NASB and eis is never translated "because of" in that version. There is a Greek word gar that actually means "because of." I'm sure if the original writers meant "because of" they would have used that word.
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    baptism a symbol?

    I, too, attend a Southern Baptist Church and went through the same questioning of Baptist doctrine concerning baptism. I agree with you, mikedsjr, that there is some kind of disconnect between Baptist doctrine and what the Bible teaches regarding baptism. One thing I've noticed about the...
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    ABCs of the USA! (5)

    Alabaster, Alabama
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    ABCs of the USA! (5)

    Kalamazoo, MI