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    Prayer for dealing with my family

    I am sending you the courage to deal with your family/your brother. Don't worry studying is very hard and you deserve to be respected for all your efforts. Don't worry, another half-year, you can do it, you've already done so much I can sense it. i really hope that your situation improves. xoxo GD
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    what is happening in your schools?

    I defiently agree it's taking over people's whole lives
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    hope virtual events are here to stay

    For me it's better in person. Face-to face interaction and physical experience is a beautiful thing. although the driving can be hard, I'm glad I got to do face to face stuff when I was a kid
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    My 13 year old is out of control.

    It sounds like there is a lot of anger in his life. Someone suggested giving him the Lee Strobel book, the case for christ. (there's a teenage verison.) That might be helpful if he's having doubts about God's existence, I guess, but being a rebellious teenager he will prob. just dismiss it...