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    Thinking of leaving all this behind....

    Just know when you go now matter how bad you thing things have become or that you done stuff that god will never forgive always know he will welcome you back with open arms... "The story of the prodical Son/Daughter" Good luck and may God Bless
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    Help with a Friend, I don't understand

    The reasons can be many, but from what little I know. alot of the times "We" tend to find a security or some sort of missing element in our social develpoment, often time we turn to promiscuity, or even homosexuality to fill this void or to quinch a craving.. if what your going through is...
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    What it takes to be real father and a man!!!!!

    Sounds like you grew up with my dads twin.. Well at least you know what not to do with your own kid. regaurdless of his short commings and mistakes know that your comming into manhood fast, and the desisions you make are yours and yours alone. If you become a community leader or a menace it's...
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    should children be around drugs?

    to try shelter childern from everything including something as serious as drugs, is not wise. we already have too many kids/young adults who aren't equipt to deal with everyday life outside the family or outside the walls of some of our churches. To think that it's possiable to raise a child...
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    I am too bad because I am divorced

    Scripture doesn't say if you divorce for anything other adultry your living in sin... Matt 5:32 tells us that: if you divorce your wife for anything besides marital unfaithfulness, cause her to become an adultress.. Even the King James uses the word "Fornication" in place of martial...
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    Prayer request for my husbands new business, please? :)

    I have done something similar (Opened a business/shop) and I know that body shops aren't cheap and unless you were given this body shop or spent a portion of your lotto winnings on it your more than likely in some debt. as a christian your obligated to pay your creditors for the original loan...
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    Help with a Friend, I don't understand

    It sounds like he's aready made up his mind. Don't shun him for it but at the same time you shouldn't encourage him or support this behaivor either. just be there if he's ever ready to come out of this with support and some resources.. goto and type "Gay or homosexual" in the search...
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    This is going to seem ridiculous... but please help

    He's just trying to play you.. Just stand back from all of this and really look at it.. you have all the info. you mentioned he only desires you physically.. and he's strong enough emotionally to ask for "it" but seems devestated when he's rejected... no, no, no... This is all a game to him he...
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    Is this a sin?

    There sure alot of girl perspectives on this. I think one of the first posts hit it on the head when she said this was a males way of showing affection. It would be like saying a hug or a hand shake was a sin if what your doing is in the spirit of friendship.. "Just because something is fun...
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    Need: Scriptures, comfort, love, support, resources, someone going through the same..

    What does it matter if your husband is smoking pot or being "medicated" by a doctor? either way he's under the influance of some kinda drug right? One is legal and one isn't.. but if pot were, would that make a difference? or would you still be upset? what if he were getting drunk to deal with...
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    Men ruling over women?

    and any number of famous queens... and of course Priscilla, missionary and teacher (Acts 18:18, Acts 18:26, Romans 16:3, 1 Corinthians 16:19). Your scripture confuses me.. the verses you give show nothing more than a mention of a husband and wife TEAM that made a profound impact TOGETHER on...
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    Men ruling over women?

    in the states girls are taught that women can do anything that a guy can do and sometimes better... Ragast, my argument is not to determine which sex is better, but to show the flaw in this line of thinking.. That one in fact is better than the other.. infact most of us think this way why else...
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    Many strugles

    do you think you being out of work causes the stress? how long have you been out of work?
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    struggling at work

    If the problem can't be resolved by takeing a passive stance then take a proactive one.. and start complaining to her at first then try to take a friend to make your case and if that doesn't work then you and your friend take it to your boss.. GLGB
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    Anger and Forgivness

    if you truly can and not harbor hard feelings that would be the Best thing!
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    The understanding of "made in his image" is where the whole line of questioning hinges.. So lets tug on this string.. Let's Look at god's atturbutes and let's look at ours as "Vinc" points out god knows all and lives forever.. and we know very little and are here for a short time... So with...
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    Men ruling over women?

    men and women have different roles in the church is all.. one is not better than another we just have different jobs... and depending on how you view things will determine on how you accept or turn on this precept.. if you turn know that you will not be the first.. in fact many have peiced...
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    struggling at work

    Sometimes, the hard thing to do is the best thing.. If your willing to coach this woman during and after work and help her get her life back on track then keep doing her work. If not just stop doing things she's suposed to do.. and let "nature" do it's job... because right now your shielding her...
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    Anger and Forgivness

    if they approched you in a sorrowful/repentant manor then yes, if they haven't, and if they were good friends and they didn't know of this wound on your heart it would be okay to let them know, even in anger if it came to it.. but at the same time you got to be ready to let it go when asked...