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    Hangout Pictures Thread!

    Awww :)
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    Video Message thread take 2 (2)

    Love the mini horses :) I will get a video of my dog and the hose today, she is so funny.
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    are you a homebody or going out type....

    I'm a total home person. If I had my choice I would never leave :D But I do stay really busy here, drawing, piano, writing, trying to keep up the barn and keep horses worked. I love it here.
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    There needs to be a website like but just for friends only

    It sounds like a good idea to me. I would try it :)
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    Video Message thread take 2 (2)

    Don't take it down :)
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    Glad things are looking up!
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    Video Message thread take 2

    Ha ha! I love it!
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    Video Message thread take 2

    There was a shirt at the mall that had this and the woman's picture on it. I thought it was pretty funny :D
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    Wow this is amazing....

    So wonderful :) My cousin told me yesterday that she had seen this, but I hadn't looked for it yet. Thanks for sharing.
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    Video Message thread take 2

    I thought the music was great, especially on a keyboard :)
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    Video Message thread take 2

    Creative writing, that sounds like fun :) I've heard it can be a lot of work. There was a time I almost started at a college for that, but things changed.
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    Star Trek: Into Darkness

    This is one I'd like to take my teenage siblings to see, is there very much content I should be worried about?
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    Actor/Actresses that ruin a movie for you?

    That's one I'm going to watch anyway :) Haven't been able to watch The Dark Knight Rises yet though lol
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    Actor/Actresses that ruin a movie for you?

    Anne Hathaway. For some reason I just don't like her.
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    Ohioan Thread (2)

    Crazy last night but pretty nice this morning.
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    What animals do you have?

    I have three cats right now and they all have such different personalities :) They are a lot of fun.
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    What animals do you have?

    The vocal cat sounds like mine :) He talks all the time. Most of the time its cute, just not so much in the mornings lol
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    Honor Thy Father and Mother

    God is the ultimate authority. Parents are people and have flaws too. I think a lot of it just depends on the attitude, is the disobedience truly because the kid is trying to do the right thing or is it for another reason? Just my thoughts!
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    Hangout Pictures Thread!

    Nice socks! People that can do that amaze me. I would have such a mess if I tried.
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    WICKED: Has Anyone Seen That Powerful Musical?

    Love love love this play :) Almost as much as Phantom