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  1. abacabb3

    Birth Control Methods

    I figured this video was a good recent example of conservative push back against the claim that the Orthodox Church no longer teaches against contraception. It reminds me of this quote from Palamas, because no one speaks this way anymore: “For the physical impulse to reproduce is involuntary...
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    Fr Peter Jon Gilquist on ghosts

    Are they demons or trapped spirits of people?
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    Anonymous poll for men of finding women attractive

    My wife and I have been struggling for years over two things: -I find other women attractive -She thinks I find other women attractive more than the average male We are both in agreement that thinking or fantasizing about other people (even in the least bit)is wrong, that flirting is wrong...
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    Orthodox That Are Against Vaccines

    Hey all, I know that most Orthodox are not anti-vaccine and that the Russian Church even endorses it. However, the Romanians have a pretty strong anti-vaccine contingent and individual Orthodox, for reason of conscience and science, also oppose vaccines. I don't want this thread to be a debate...
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    Orthodoxy's take on the faith-works issue--Father Daniel Sysoev

    Before I converted to Orthodoxy, I found the issue of faith-works, and the Orthodox position on it, a very difficult hurdle. I'd get sort of oblique answers that often sounded very Roman Catholic. The following is from Father Daniel Sysoev, a Russian Orthodox priest who was martyred in the 21st...
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    Changing of Kiev's Jurisdiction in 1680s

    I have always understood, until a few months ago, that Constantinople permnanetly transferred Kiev to Moscow's jursidiction. Recently, it is claimed by some that this transfer was always understood to be temporary, at least in Constantinople. My question is, what is our evidence for each side...
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    What does it mean that the Holy Spirit proceeds "through the Son?"

    Hey guys, I was reading Tertullian's and Hippolytus' early speculation on the doctrine of the Trinity and I was interested that as early as Tertullian, was not only the doctrine of Christ's humanity AND divinity explicitly defended, so was the idea of God being one essence and three distinct...
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    Questions on Schism

    Hello, I am Eastern Orthodox and I want to get your views on something. How to you discern who went into schism? The Roman tradition discerns this by giving the ultimate jurisdictional role to the Pope, so those who break communion with him are in schism. The Eastern Orthodox tradition...
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    I have not been here for a while, I just want to update those like Army Matt, Anastasia, and others that have helped answer so many my questions that I am still in catechesis as is my wife. I think I am on pace to be chrismated by Pascha. Your prayers are appreciated of course, but I am floored...
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    A Few Questions on Penance

    First, let me thank the many here who answer my questions. It lessens the burden on my priest. I have a few questions about confession and penance. My exposure to it is only be reading and my own non-sacramental confessions to my priest. So, I am missing the big picture here. That being said...
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    Question on how many people needed for the Eucharist

    My priest keeps saying that without 2-3 laypeople, he cannot do the Eucharist or do anything liturgical. Being that the interwebs are not Orthodox friendly, can anyone point me to a written source that pertains to this? He told me that the priesthood of all believers is important, because...
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    Music recommendations

    I don't mean this to be offensive, but is their any Orthodox music that can be listened to for entertainment that isn't a bunch of guys chanting in another language ? :)
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    The Issue of Infallibility

    A writer on my blog caused be to wonder about how we understand the infallibility of the Church: Irenaeus writes emphatically that an 50-year-old-Jesus is a tradition passed on by the elders, it is found in John 8, and it is essential for a proper understanding of the atonement. You would think...
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    Efficacy of prayers for the dead

    Saint Paisos prayed for the the wicked and even demons, confident that prayers for the dead and demons not only limit suffering, but can liberate the damned. My priest in Danbury CT said that prayers avail all, but their eternal destination remains unchanged (i.e. a damned person is still...
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    Athonite Monks and "Seeing God"

    What are they doing to see God? How is this controversial?
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    Liturgical History

    I have heard a few times that Orthodox theology is both taught and preserved in the liturgy. I am new at this, so while everyone seems to know where they are going in the Liturgy of Saint Chrysostom, i have some trouble following. On different days, they appear to cover different hymns and...
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    Prayers to Mary

    I hope to address this to a local priest tonight, but I would also like to pick the brains of Orthodox here. I understand that the basis behind prayers to the dead is that the Church prays for each other and there is a genuine bond of love that transcends this earthly life. However, when I...
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    Orthodox and Contracepion

    From The possible exception to the above affirmation of continuity of teaching is the view of the Orthodox Church on the issue of contraception. Because of the lack of a full understanding of the implications of the biology of reproduction, earlier writers tended to identify...