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    What birth control do you use?

    We used nothing. HOWEVER...when we were trying to conceive I read lots and lots on forums where women were TTC, and about 80% had been on birth control pills and had been told by their fertility specialists that they may unable to conceive for a few YEARS or carry the baby to term because of...
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    Has anyone here been the sponsor at a Romanian Orthodox wedding?

    Thanks to those who replied. Unfortunately, as I said before, their priest simply does not know. He's never done a wedding, and said as much (OK, he was a co-celebrant at a wedding of one of his parishioners in someone else's parish and the father of the groom was one of the several priests...
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    Mirror on ceiling?

    You're asking this online, so it must be making one of you uncomfortable. If that is the case, then don't do it. Consider, however, how you will feel when others go into your bedroom (guests, babysitters, cleaning lady, kids, decorators, electricians, plumbers, insurance agents, etc.) and see...
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    Has anyone here been the sponsor at a Romanian Orthodox wedding?

    My husband and I were just asked to be sponsors to a young couple. The groom, who we know, is a convert in the OCA. The bride, who we have met a few times, is Moldovan and Romanian. I cannot find anywhere online a list of what the sponsors are required to purchase in advance or pay for in...
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    Hard time with Orthodoxy

    Do you know your prayer rule by heart yet? it's not ideal, but you can pray silently in your mind and heart while driving or while cooking, cleaning, etc...those things are a blessing to others. There is a children's book called "The Monk Who Grew Prayer" that you may wish to read. I THINK...
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    Love tamarind. You can also buy tamarind soup base here in Canada.
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    Power Struggles

    Is it possible that she gets frustrated because she either does not transition well, or you do not give her adequate time to wrap up what she is involved with? Or could she be frustrated because she is overwhelmed by the tasks and doesn't have a good idea what to do? For some people, a...
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    Try this:
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    A word to the husbands.

    Do you tell him to walk slower because you cannot walk faster?
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    Hoping to adopt

    Which province are you in? We've been waiting to adopt and are now in our province's pilot foster-to-adopt program. Wish us luck, and the best of luck to you also! Keep us updated!
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    Should I be concerned about my step son

    Next time, ask him "What do you find "cool"?" And see what the answer is. :D
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    Favourite Cheap Recipies Thread

    Do you and your wife do grocery shopping and meal planning together? Do you both come from the same region that you now live in? I ask this because when my DH and I were first married, we had some Very Different Ideas about what constituted "expensive". Added to that, I had just moved from...
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    Only going to say this once: Have your girlfriend check her credit at least quarterly, because parents have access to social security cards and all the personal info to take out credit in her name without her knowledge. As for your (potential) blended finances, try to live on only your...
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    Seeking gluten free, dairy free finger food or sweets ideas.

    This lady has many (not all) outstanding GF recipes that are all vegan : Another source for many GF recipes that are also vegan is, in their recipe section. I've found it great, but I can't read the rest of the blog because I cannot agree...
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    My nosey daughter

    All of the above, plus a question about whether she models YOUR behavior if she's reading or online or watching you engage her openly or try to see what has her attention over her shoulder. (Of course, a parent has the right to check out what their kiddo is up to, but it's about HOW you...
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    Desperate for Advise, Prayers, and Insight

    Sounds like you have Biblical grounds for a divorce. Now, that said...While I don't recommend divorce, I think you should talk to a divorce lawyer. You said you are on disability? Are you currently collecting? Are you aware that in most states the children of disabled parents can receive...
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    OK, now should I be worried?

    Great breakthrough! If you can remember to say "The words you just used make me feel as if you are calling me stupid" (and not "Are you calling me stupid??" ) you give him a chance to change his words...which may not happen if he's too tired. (Another help here: Could we talk about finances...
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    Grown up topics with a 17 year old

    FINANCES!!! The first thing that will happen on campus is someone will want to sign her up for a credit card. Most kids have no idea whatsoever how credit will impact their lives, and how it's seven years to remove a late mark, and how one or two days late counts as a 30 day mark with credit...
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    OK, now should I be worried?

    Two things to do: One...your husband has a CDL and is required to have physicals to retain it. SO...a couple of days before his next physical, call his doctor and ask that he administer those basic five item/five task memory tests. It will either help your husband to see that there IS a...
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    Paraklesis, Vespers, Small Compline - understading Greek?

    If you are attending services at a monastery (one of the Ephraimite monasteries) on a Sunday, they will often do Orthros (Matins), THEN role into the First Hour, THEN role into the Divine Liturgy. I mention this in case you get lost. :D