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  1. ivanavila

    Any one from Minnesota here?

    It is hot or cold right now? Bro
  2. ivanavila


    I live in Texas but we can be friends :) Bro
  3. ivanavila

    Liberal Lesbian Professor Comes to Christ

    Remember that God is compassionate story blessed, thanks
  4. ivanavila

    Hey, Hey Ask Away!!!!

    What is your favorite movie? :P
  5. ivanavila

    Born Christian, Went awhile 'claiming' Atheist.

    The important thing is that God is in your heart again!
  6. ivanavila

    Born Christian, Went awhile 'claiming' Atheist.

    At some point in my life I spend the same. As I walked away from the faith for a fool ... But god went back into my life and now I feel a lot of peace in my heart
  7. ivanavila

    Labor of Love or Love of Labor

    Must unite and discuss the two together as a team. Respect and love blessings
  8. ivanavila

    The spiritual leader of a household

    At home my parents have taught that the spiritual leader must be the husband, the husband should be the basis of marriage
  9. ivanavila

    Californians, where are you?

    Texas Brothers :)
  10. ivanavila

    Caught my dad watching porn. Help

    It's a little disappointed to have found your father that way, but you must learn to forgive
  11. ivanavila

    Should I confront my pastor?

    Pray much for God to help you make the best decisions
  12. ivanavila

    Sex-addicted friend....

    Glad to hear that you want to help your friend, good for you ... God bless you brother
  13. ivanavila


    Hello my brothers
  14. ivanavila

    Hi everyone

    Hello baby