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  1. NomNomPizza

    Plz can someone explain what happens to Christians? ie post trib etc?

    something something pre-wrath so post mid-trib but pre-wrath of God , Millenial not that I support it its just that this idea exist
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    Miracle at the summer job

    Thats weird but kinda awesome
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    COVID-19 Timeline

    What end ? It's beginning nothing is going back to normal... Soon you will have full lockdown like in Israel and u will need pasport to even go grocery shopping.
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    Christ's Eyes In Icons

    ye I understand that still I have no idea what is exactly offensive in what I posted I wasn't debating anybody , is it because I called Icon - Art?
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    step parent abuse or attempt at discipline?

    its 16 year grown man not child
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    Christ's Eyes In Icons

    what rule does it contradict can u quote it?
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    I want to Know About The Anti-Christ

    every enemy of Christ is antichrist so you are antichrist to me and to him. if you talk about the Beast from revelation , there is plenty of videos over internet of book of Revelation and the beast and his agenda. In short it's guy who comes to power , unites everybody to conquer , conquers 3...
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    Easy internet + app safety tutorials?

    These leaks aren't random its just these corpos selling data and making it look like it's hack because previously when they were doing it they got fined for it cuz its illegal. Don't use thier services so u don't have ur data leaked simple.
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    Trafficking in illegal aliens....

    But people laugh at trump wanting to build a wall... ye I heared somewhat 1M illegal immigrants every week and they cath about 150k of them so 850k left still in country
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    Why do Some Christians Get a Kick Out of Hating Gays?

    Let's say you have daughter or son and there is some guy who kidnaps them and then sends you video back home a video of him slowly dismembering your kid and sends you the parts plus his location. Do you forgive him or do you go to police to get him arrested?
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    step parent abuse or attempt at discipline?

    eh you didn't really do anything wrong its just not disciplined Children , I'd probably hit him so hard he would need to go to emergency room for what he did so you kinda went easy on him. 16 year old is young man to me its not kid first of all. Still why are u marrying another woman and try to...
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    Why do Some Christians Get a Kick Out of Hating Gays?

    if u say so , still if we went back to OT laws for example thief would have to pay 7fold what he stole , gay would be stoned to death it wasn't really equally evil.
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    Why do Some Christians Get a Kick Out of Hating Gays?

    We really don't. For us it's simple a) God exist b) he doesn't We as Christians find the prophecy in his book that he send us and with the things that alredy happened and are happening now can see this book speak truth so for us its ultimate authority over anything. If book says gays are evil...
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    By Which We are Being Saved

    If u make post about how Paul preached the gospel but quote only New Testament that kinda does not make much sense since it wasn't written yet well by him mostly... Paul preached gospel by going to Synagogue and using Scriptures ( so Old Testament) gave proof that prophecy was fulfilled in death...
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    Does God Like Us?

    not missing simply ignoring your interpretation since its not valid I mean u can twist Scriptures all u want but they just speak of themselves for example Ecclesiasticus 12:6 “For the most High hateth sinners, and will repay vengeance unto the ungodly, and keepeth them against the mighty day...
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    Does God Like Us?

    Malachi 1:2 Malachi 1:3 Check mate
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    Justification: What are the misunderstandings between Catholics and Protestants?

    I literally quoted it from it ye I know hard to believe it right?
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    Justification: What are the misunderstandings between Catholics and Protestants?

    I believe if Catholic does not agree with the catehism statement of Anathema he/she is automatically excommunicated from the church and has Anathema put on them aswell. Quote If any one saith, that by faith alone the impious is justified; in such wise as to mean, that nothing else is required...
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    When did exactly incest become incest and abomination to LORD?

    And Deut 17 is saying to just not strive for power , in OT power of man was shown as how much wifes and how much money he has. Still doesn't apply to everybody like I said before God gave David multiple wifes. Even the guy who wrote the whole 5 Books of Law - Moses had 2 wifes. Ye but most...