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    God's First calling to you

    When I was 18 I came across a young man who was out preaching the Gospel. I remember when he came up to speak to me, although I was listening I really had a hard time understanding. The seed was planted. Still unchanged, I graduated high school and gained a lot of time. Time to ponder the bigger...
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    "You can't live however you want and still be saved"

    not to mention the parable in Luke 18:10-14 Here's the deal though. If the will of the father is to believe in him then we have to define belief. This part is crucial. Belief means Knowledge or assumption that something is true. Two things happen when you truly believe something is true and this...
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    Just need some friends

    what site
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    Pre-Trib Only High rapture watch?

    what are your views on the rapture?
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    Ugly Theological Questions

    What is the soul? does it not come from God? if so then how would our soul in heaven be anything but perfect through the lord jesus christ?
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    does anybody see what im seeing ?

    adrian welcome brother. I wanted to ask you a question regarding this post. Why do you think we are called to watch for his return lest he come like a thief in the night at an hour you do not expect? Also, you know there's a difference between the rapture and the second coming right? Don't...
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    Pre-Trib Only High rapture watch?

    Evidence for rapture is in gen 18
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    Pre-Trib Only High rapture watch?

    greatest evidence for the rapture is genesis 18. read if you like. Blessings
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    High rapture watch

    Yeah everything you said is all fine and good but its obvious you're not watching and waiting for his return. if you were these words wouldn't be coming out of your mouth. Big thing here is that no one is setting dates in this thread that I seen and that certainly wasn't the point of the...
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    What is the difficulty of getting into heaven?

    The point of the op was for everyone to exercise a deeper understanding of the truth by explaining it to a child. I'm not lost looking for the truth. thanks though I appreciate the effort.
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    Pre-Trib Only High rapture watch?

    I read revelations last night and yeah its chilling to see that. it all comes together when you read and interpret the bible literally and not a figurative work that children wouldn't be able to understand.
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    two biblical views of repentance. one is feeling sorry and two is the changing of ones mind towards their sin. Obviously God has no sin therefore When God is repentant he feels sorry. When we are told to repent its both because you cant truly change your mind about your sin unless you feel sorry...
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    Pre-Trib Only High rapture watch?

    How can we be saved from his wrath literally the US will be destroyed in ww3 by china. And not to mention the majority of born again bible believers live in the USA not sure if you knew that. So how is he gonna spare us from wrath without the rapture?
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    Pre-Trib Only High rapture watch?
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    Pre-Trib Only High rapture watch?

    He is not returning that's not what the rapture of the church is. He calls up his church to meet him up in the clouds and the united states is destroyed by the nuclear bomb from china I'm assuming.
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    High rapture watch

    Cause you didnt get anything off the first one c;
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    High rapture watch

    your discernment is you leaning on your own understanding. pray and be watching like I said in the op if you are waiting for certain things to take place you aren't watching for his return. if you watch for his return regardless of things to take place than you will be ready whenever he comes...
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    High rapture watch

    I believe that also. There will be the alien deception after that too. My dream took place this month before my friend at work goes to college she will leave September for school and she was in my dream. So by the end of this month sometime we will see the beginning of ww3 and the servants who...
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    High rapture watch

    It doesnt seem like many are watching this time. which is interesting