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  1. suzybeezy

    Staff Reunion thread

    Yes of course I remember! But no I'm not a trainer. I'm not on staff anymore. I had some major events occur in real life that needed all my focus. Hope all is well with you. :hug:
  2. suzybeezy

    The Issue of "Fracking"

    I live in the Northeast part of the US and many communities are prohibiting or severely limiting fracking. There's been tons of debate on both sides (I've attended numerous) and I think there's just too much uncertainty on how this will impact the stability of the ground years down the road. I...
  3. suzybeezy

    Welcome Tywin Lannister!

    Love your username - big fan of the show myself :)
  4. suzybeezy

    Staff Reunion thread

    Hello all! It feels like forever since I've visited CF. Life certainly hit me with some major curves but the Lord sustained me through it all. I've continued to keep you all here at CF in my prayers. Hope everyone is well. Blessings to all.
  5. suzybeezy

    blunted emotions or hard hearted?

    Not everyone wears their emotions on theirs sleeves and that's ok. You seem to recognize on some level that your lack of emotions may be having an impact on your girlfriend. Since you recognize it, I would recommend trying to demonstration your love through words and in actions, try simple...
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    Would you smoke pot if it were legal?

    I don't find the need to partake in alcohol so I doubt I'd see the need to smoke any weed. I like my mind to remain as crisp as possible at all times.
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    Feel free to ask me, the CF staff trainer, anything!

    lol - my favorite joke: Two nuts were walking through the park, one was assaulted (get it one was a salted) lol
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    Do Genesis literalists also take the rest of the Bible literally?

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    Jews, Christians and Muslims: relatives in Religion?

    Judaism, Islam and Christianity are collectively known as "Abrahamic religions" because they trace their history to the covenant God made with Abraham in the Hebrew Bible.
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    Ron Paul rips NRA plan for officers in every school

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    My church just changed their stance on homosexuals. What do I do?

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    Origins of sin

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    independent but against the "guidelines?

    I have been and am in the same situation. My mom was very stubborn and didn't want to admit she needed help. She was too proud to come to terms with the degree of her illness. It was very difficult navigating the waters. We had to "play games" with her so she felt like the ideas were hers, even...
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    Categories of Humanity

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    gods punishing me again

    God doesn't punish us like this, but he may allow things into our lives to help us get stronger. Think of it this way, in life we often will fall, but each time we pick ourselves back up, and by doing so, we get stronger and learn from our mistakes. So each time a temptation crosses your path...
  16. suzybeezy

    Need Advice

    If CPS steps in and removes him from his mother's home, they would have to contact you. There are interstate compacts that would allow for you to step in and bring him into your home until things can be worked out with him mom. In fact, if this in an ongoing issue, it may be enough grounds for...
  17. suzybeezy

    Feeling super depressed

    A few suggestions to try: Hitting the gym or going for a walk will help you shed the lethargy that comes with feeling depressed. The more enthusiastic your moments, the better you will start to feel. Spend time with animals (I know it sounds crazy). Animals live in the present moment and...
  18. suzybeezy

    How Christians can stop the gay marriage?

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  19. suzybeezy

    Toffee Squares

    I think for me personally, I may have overbaked slightly. I've since tried it again, not cooking quite as long and it was much better.
  20. suzybeezy

    I love this website.It has everything,even recipe help,haha.NE1 here mastered tamales

    I've never attempted making tamales, did you make them from a recipe?