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    Please comment if you love astrology too. Looking for like minded folks on here who share my interests.
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    Halloween party

    Hi. I am currently planning a very low key Halloween party for next month. What sort of games do you recommend? What films are suitable as well? I have already picked out the food and drink to serve on the night. I might need help in choosing some appropriate music to play too. Tips on...
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    Ideas for packed lunch

    Tell me about your favourite packed lunches. All tips and suggestions welcome. I would like to make a list of ideas. So far all I have written down are salmon and lettuce wraps, beef and tomato sandwiches, ham and apple on toast, pork and cucumber soup, and chicken and potato salad. Recipes...
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    Exercise ball recommendations

    Hello! I need to buy a new exercise ball. Which one do you recommend and why? Ideally it will be an anti-burst exercise ball. I’m quite a short person so the exercise ball needs to be a small one. Give me your ball recommendations. I have looked online briefly to see what was available. But I’m...
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    Prayers wanted

    Hello! Please pray for my mom. She was taken to hospital in a ambulance tonight. The paramedics came. Since arriving she has had a cannula inserted into one arm already. I will update this with further information as and when it is made available. Please pray for a speedy recovery. It...
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    Happy Pentecost everyone!

    Hello So what are your Pentecost plans? I am listening to a service on Premier Christian Radio on Pentecost. How will you celebrate the descent of the Holy Spirit? Leave a comment below explaining. It is a enlightening service for sure. This evening I will also reflect on what it means to be a...
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    Prayers for my sister

    Please pray for my family. My little sister has got coronavirus now. She is only five years old. I have no clue how this occurred. She also has a trach. This means that my mom and dad are always kept awake at night (since they cannot have in home skilled nursing care anymore) frequently...
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    Prayers (coronavirus edition)

    Please pray for my friend who lives in a care home. She has possibly contracted coronavirus (they are not sure yet). I am planning to visit her tomorrow afternoon. What precautions do I need to take? How do I keep her occupied? Any suggestions for fun simulating activities needed. Also please...
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    Prayers wanted

    Hello This is a long overdue update on my sister. She is having some unexpected setbacks post operation (her trach surgery was at the end of last week). Over the weekend my mom asked her a question and discovered she could no longer communicate orally. Also she used to talk but the trach is...
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    Prayers needed

    Hello. Please pray for us. My little sister has been admitted to hospital this afternoon for a much needed sleep study. This will happen early tomorrow morning first thing. She is only five years old (she is going to be six in April). She has been struggling to sleep at night. She has always...
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    Prayers needed!

    I need your prayers. We are in the process of looking for a new flat but it is hard work so far. I have only found one decent flat which I actually liked. How did you look for a apartment? We are going to look at another flat this weekend. Please pray that we find a suitable flat soon. We are...
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    Prayers wanted

    Please pray for my 2 year old daughter. She has been admitted to the hospital this morning for tests and close observation as we think she has been struggling to breathe at night for weeks now. She may or may not require surgery to remove her adenoids as well. A children's ENT specialist will...
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    Church Picnic

    Our church is holding their yearly summer picnic next week. I am the one responsible for organising it. This is my first time organising a church event. What do you provide at a church picnic? What games do you play? How do you make it fun for all guests? So far the only things I have come up...
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    Prayers needed

    My son will undergo a detethering on Monday morning. Please keep us in your prayers. Any tips for distractions will be greatly appreciated thank you. I have already purchased some new books and toys. I also bought a set of small flashcards. What else should I pack in my hospital bag? What...
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    Literacy and numeracy difficulties

    In need of prayers tonight. I went for a interview today for a position in a office. It would be primarily a office role based at a college. The interview was fun. I was asked the usual questions by the interviewers, there were two people in the room doing the interview. Hopefully I’ll get the...
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    Job opportunity prayers

    For several months I have been searching for another job. Today I heard back from a company and they have offered me a potential interview at their office. Next week I will travel to London for the interview by train probably. How do you prepare for interviews? What do I wear? Should I take a...
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    Prayers requested

    To cut a long story short last year I learned that my twin sister was in the hospital fighting for her life after a bathroom accident at work. That was seven months ago back in the fall of 2018 before I joined this website. Recently I asked for a update and she now is signing her divorce papers...
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    Prayer needed

    We have been hunting for a new apartment for several months now and I finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. I visited several properties in the area and kept praying and hoping we would find something. I circled properties in the newspapers that were on sale. I took down contact...
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    Sunday school ideas

    I was recently offered the opportunity to teach a Sunday school class at my local church. It is a nice opportunity. If I accept the offer, I will be expected to work with 7-9 year olds primarily. I’ve never done this before. I left the church when I was seven years old and didn’t return until I...
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    Pregnancy prayers

    So we’ve been trying for another baby for several months now. No luck however unfortunately. We’re still waiting to conceive. I hopefully will be pregnant by the end of next month. Please pray for us. I’ll keep you updated.