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    Ever write any one-line wonders?

    " Those girl scout cokies are good" - my teacher. While this may not sound funny to you this send me into fits of laughter when my friend says it.Perhaps was the tone of voice and drunked quality of conversation saying this quote that makes it funny.
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    Fill in the blanks

    shifter costume costume___________
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    Chapter 2 : Can Parabola's Talk? (from now on i will add to this one for new chapters

    Yeah!I really like what your doing with this.Exposing your main character to someone with a diffrent probalem stuck in the sameboat.I'm not sure if that's exactly what you meant to do.But i really like it!
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    Trapped inside my Mind

    Very good,even if she can still write.
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    The Coin

    Go Wyna!You keep those coins.