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  1. MoNiCa4316

    Kind of an urgent question...

    Hello everyone! :wave: I haven't been at this forum for a while! (Or Christian Forums in general). I'm just wondering about the Eastern understanding about something. I realize that the Eastern Catholic understanding might be or might not be different from the Orthodox one, on this point.. I...
  2. MoNiCa4316

    kneeling on Sundays

    Hello :wave: There's a similar thread in OBOB but I was interested in getting the Orthodox perspective. I saw these quotes about kneeling on Sundays: We consider it forbidden to pray on bended knees on the Lord's Day. (Tertullian, 210) There are many other observances in the Church which...
  3. MoNiCa4316

    Replying to an Orthodox objection to - kneeling on Sundays

    Happy Easter everyone :) I was wondering if anyone knows about this. An Orthodox poster in another forum said that the early Church Canon about standing (not kneeling) in church, applies to the whole Church, not just the East. Does anyone know the Catholic response to this? Was there another...
  4. MoNiCa4316

    maybe a complicated question..

    Hi TAW friends :) I remember I posted a while ago about my family visiting a relic exposition at a Catholic church. I received some helpful replies. Well now it seems there's kind of a similar situation but it's different too, I wanted to know the Orthodox perspective.. this is really short...
  5. MoNiCa4316

    Is this causing someone to sin.. ?

    I read that scandal is causing someone to sin with your actions. If there's something that is sinful but that is largely disregarded in our day, even by Christians, - and let's say you talk about it to a friend and tell them about quotes from a Saint or Church Father saying that it's sinful...
  6. MoNiCa4316

    the Lent thread

    I thought I'd make a thread for all of us who want to talk about Lent, and this could be the place we could go to if we want to discuss anything edifying but without the debates/arguments that are happening in the board :) Anything Lent related! and no arguing! haha... let's begin :D
  7. MoNiCa4316

    question about adultery

    In another thread, something was brought up.. we know that if a person marries and then divorces and marries again, they commit adultery if their first marriage was valid, so they'd need an annulment if they could get one to stay with their second partner. the point that was brought up is -...
  8. MoNiCa4316

    A beautiful sermon

    This is a sermon by St John Vianney about loving God :) I thought it's really beautiful and wanted to share it with you here. God bless! :) "To love God! oh how beautiful it is! We must be in Heaven to comprehend love.... Prayer helps us a little, because prayer is the elevation of the soul to...
  9. MoNiCa4316

    random question..

    are the writings of the Saints copyright by any publishing company? can we read or put them online? just wondering.. thanks!
  10. MoNiCa4316

    capital punishment

    Did I ever start a thread on this? :confused: anyway.. I was wondering on the Church's stance on capital punishment. What exactly is it. For? Against? I remember the Pope spoke against it, how does this relate to the teaching? etc... if anyone could give me any information at all that would be...
  11. MoNiCa4316

    frequency of Communion

    :wave:I remember there was a thread on this long ago, but I've been wondering about it... in my family's ROCOR church, it's a custom to go to Confession before Communion. But I know in some other Orthodox churches, a person can go to Confession once a month, but receive Communion more often. I...
  12. MoNiCa4316

    venerating relics question

    :wave:Hi TAW friends! It's been a while :) I wanted to ask you a question.. I asked elsewhere but did not receive many responses. I don't really know how to ask an Orthodox priest in time. On Monday there will be an exposition of relics at a Catholic church in my area. There will be relics of...
  13. MoNiCa4316

    would appreciate prayers..

    Too complicated to explain I guess :( but I would really appreciate prayers... been feeling confused/worried/fearful lately. Need God's guidance on some issues. Thank you :hug::hug:
  14. MoNiCa4316

    Our Lady and the 20th century

    I read an article about how Mother Mary made prophesies about the 20th century... this is from the 15th and 16th centuries. It was approved by the local Bishop, I assume still is approved. I thought it was interesting :) Our Lady's Prophecies for Our Times | About Our Lady We can see...
  15. MoNiCa4316

    Dietrich von Hildebrand

    Has anyone read any books by him? I read that Pope Benedict supports his work... is it true? Can someone tell me more about Dietrich von Hilderband, what did he mostly write about, etc? :) thanks!
  16. MoNiCa4316

    Development and Peace..

    I heard that there was a controversy with Development and Peace (the organization in Canada) funding groups that are pro abortion. There was an article about this but then I found another article arguing these points and saying that Development and Peace was cleared of charges. However then I...
  17. MoNiCa4316

    The encouragement thread

    Post anything encouraging about our faith! :)
  18. MoNiCa4316

    Need your opinion

    Hello,:wave: I'm wondering what it means when people say "the sacramental life of the Church" and participation in it. There's a form for something that's asking if I participate in the sacramental life of the Church regularly, occasionally, or infrequently. I go to Mass weekly; I'd go daily...
  19. MoNiCa4316

    Question about Sunday obligation...

    :wave:Does the 10 pm or 12 am Mass on Christmas eve meet the Sunday obligation this year? (and the Christmas obligation?). Or should we also go to Mass on the 25th? (not that this would be a bad thing to do :)). Just wondering! thanks!!
  20. MoNiCa4316

    non Catholic family and friends...

    I was wondering something... for those who have family or friends who are openly against God, or unrepentant, or "fallen away Catholic", or involved in something like the occult, ETC... how do you maintain hope that God will answer prayers for their conversion and salvation? And is it...