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  1. Sketcher

    Similar Threads - can we change this?

    I've noticed when posting that there are Similar Threads at the bottom. Some of these threads are from 2005. This makes it too easy to necro-post on old threads where most if not all of the people involved are no longer here, and also when the rules were different. Rules have changed in various...
  2. Sketcher

    Dad has cancer

    I was just informed today. They're doing daily radiation treatments for 5 more weeks. If either Mom or Dad gets COVID they won't be admitted for these treatment. Please pray for healing and that they don't get COVID, or any other setbacks.
  3. Sketcher

    Oldest nephew

    My oldest nephew is 17. Very recently, he came home drunk, and based on the other things that happened, probably high. His mother called him out on it, and he raged out - disowning himself from the family and the faith, attempting to assault her, attempting to jump out his second story bedroom...
  4. Sketcher

    Prayer for my small group

    So, I'm in a small group. It's a men's group. We had two leaders until recently. One burned out of leadership, and the other's life just got crazy with family health issues and an upcoming move. We're in the awkward place of not wanting to disband, but not having people willing to step up and...
  5. Sketcher

    Spiritual Fasting

    For Christians who fast, how do you fast in a manner that is spiritually productive? I have tried to fast before, and I have kept the "external" components to it - not eating for 24 hours, not playing games for X amount of weeks, not doing Facebook for X amount of weeks, etc. But I have not...
  6. Sketcher

    COVID + Heart issues

    A coworker of mine has heart issues, and uses an ICD. Because of these heart issues, he was cautious about getting vaccinated and was waiting to hear back from his doctor about safe vaccination options when his kids got infected, and spread it to the whole house. He beat the COVID, but the COVID...
  7. Sketcher

    The Evacuation

    Lord, I pray for the evacuation of Americans, other Westerners in danger, and the good Afghans whose lives are in danger for having helped us. Get them safely to the airport in Kabul with the documentation they need. Get them safely on the planes, and the planes safely to their destinations...
  8. Sketcher

    Ideas for ground beef that don't involve tacos, burritos, or pasta

    Not hamburgers either, the beef is browned already and can no longer be formed into patties. I plan on reheating it with . . . something, it had to get cooked today.
  9. Sketcher

    Dad's Surgery

    My dad had a sudden need today to have his gall bladder removed. The surgery will need to be scheduled tomorrow, and will hopefully take place tomorrow. Please pray that the surgery and the recovery will go well, without complications.
  10. Sketcher

    Friday Fish Fries

    I am posting in fellowship to garner Catholic opinions. As I understand it, the custom of not eating meat on Fridays during Lent originates from a belief that Christians should mourn for the suffering of Christ on Good Friday, and that when this tradition was established, eating the meat of...
  11. Sketcher


    My former coworker has a large family. His youngest son is a toddler and was diagnosed with leukemia. The family is Christian, lots of kids, and has a single income. Pray for healing for the boy, provision for the family, wisdom for the parents, understanding for the siblings, and general grace...
  12. Sketcher

    Mechanical Keyboards

    Do you own one? Who made it? What model is it? How do you like it? How long have you had it? Have you had any problems with it? Edit: Yes, I do have a switch tester. If you used a switch tester before getting your mechanical keyboard, did you have second thoughts about the types of switches on...
  13. Sketcher

    Easy Ways to Cook Bone-In Chicken Breasts?

    So, I did a thing and bought a family pack of bone-in chicken breasts because the price looked good. About 5.75 pounds for one guy who lives alone. I'm thinking cook half tonight/tomorrow, then cook the other half Sunday since I don't really want to freeze any. I'm thinking a straight-up oven...
  14. Sketcher

    Potentially Suicidal Friend

    A friend of mine for 21 years has had a rough go of it. He's struggled with emotional issues as long as I've known him, but his divorce years ago made things worse, and he has degraded in the intervening years to the point that well meaning friends (such as myself) and family haven't been able...
  15. Sketcher

    Yoga Studio Allegedly Using Religious Exemption to Avoid COVID-19 Closures

    Yoga studio allegedly using religious exemption to avoid COVID-19 closures Well, I hope that no Christians in the area were under the illusion that going to her Yoga classes wasn't taking part in non-Christian spirituality.
  16. Sketcher

    2020 can't end.

    Because if it did, we'd be admitting 2021. (Shamelessly stolen from somewhere that probably shamelessly stole it.)
  17. Sketcher

    Pork Juices

    So, I tried a recipe similar to this: Except I didn't drain the juices. It still turned out great, but now I'm not sure what I will do with all that juice after I have finished the leftover pork and skimmed the fat off the top of it. I guesstimate that I have 2+ cups worth, and it is co-mingled...
  18. Sketcher

    Innkeepers pressured to remove Confederate flag. The flag was actually the Norwegian flag. The Nordic Pineapple B&B And they'd been flying it for years.
  19. Sketcher

    I had to rebuke a friend over sin

    "Brothers,if anyone is caught in any transgression, you who are spiritual should restore him in a spirit of gentleness. Keep watch on yourself, lest you too be tempted." - Galatians 6:1 I had to do this today. It was not fun or exciting for me. He disagrees that he is sinning, and was hurt by...
  20. Sketcher

    Women: How much variety do you prefer?

    Specifically, for date locations and activities. How many different ones should a man take you to before he takes you back to one that you liked? My reason for asking is I am a homebody who does not get ideas for going out socially at all. I'm basically up for anything within reason and will...