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  1. ZooMom

    Well. Hello.

    I hardly recognize the place, it's been so long. :)
  2. ZooMom

    Prayer Intentions

    This is me being lazy. :) I start this thread periodically, especially when I have been away from the board for a long time. I just don't have the time to go through all the pages of prayer threads from the months that I have missed, but you are all very special to me. I pray for everyone on...
  3. ZooMom

    Wow! I'm impressed!

    I've been reading through some threads on the first page here, and have noticed several outstanding posts by some of our young Catholics. Awesome job, guys! Very thorough, and correct, answers given while still remaining charitable. :angel: May you continue to share your knowledge and wisdom...
  4. ZooMom

    Hi! :)

    I haven't been around for a while, for several reasons. We've moved back to NC from CA, and that was an adventure since we drove this time, instead of flying! We had the summer to get settled in our new house, get the kids registered for college and school, visit family and friends we haven't...
  5. ZooMom

    Just a pondering...

    :) Hi. I hope you all have had a very blessed and peaceful Lent. You have been in my prayers, as always. :hug: I was just thinking about Holy Thursday, and then wandered into Good Friday, Easter, etc...and an odd thought struck me as I was considering the Lenten calendar. I know the Orthodox...
  6. ZooMom

    Today marks 10 years for me at CF...

    ...and especially here in OBOB. I just want to say, that in spite of everything that may have gone 'wrong' or whatever, I have met some of the most wonderful, genuinely good people I have ever known in my life here. Even if I have never heard your voice, or seen your face, I treasure you in my...
  7. ZooMom

    To our RCIA cadidates and catechumens...

    Welcome! :angel: I saw another thread where several people mentioned changing their icon because they were in RCIA, and rather than miss someone by trying to greet you individually...I thought I would give a shout to you all at once. :) :hug: God's Grace and Christ's Peace be with you on your...
  8. ZooMom

    How many Catholics does it take... hijack a thread? :) I'm willing to bet that OBOB has the greatest rate of thread derailment over any other forum in CF. :holy: Are we just that ADD?
  9. ZooMom

    Wolseley!!! :D

    Is that you??? Hi! :wave::hug:
  10. ZooMom

    A joyous and blessed Christmas to all of you!

    :hug: May peace and joy be yours. All my love to all here, and many blessings! Sandy :kiss:
  11. ZooMom

    Ten years ago today...

    ...I was here, actually. Saw the first threads about the 'freak accident' after the first plane hit...and was watching the news live as the second plane hit. I've never seen anything so horrifying or devastating. It is still affecting us today...some of us in very personal and painful ways. Love...
  12. ZooMom

    The OBOB Bear...

    Where is it? I was just reminded of this, and let me tell you...if Eva comes looking for it again, I am totally throwing you guys under the bus. :sorry: :holy:
  13. ZooMom


    I miss my church. I probably shouldn't, and our new church is very nice, and the whole point is Mass, anyway...but I do. I miss it alot, and I do not feel comfortable yet in the new church. :sigh: Mea culpa.
  14. ZooMom

    A Rosary for Michelina

    We used to do these community Rosaries often, and I'd like to start one for our friend, Michelina, who is gravely ill. Please join in, and by all means, add your own intentions. :angel: We begin with the Sign of the Cross :crossrc: In the Name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit...
  15. ZooMom

    It's my Ethan's birthday today.

    He's 10 years old today, and the thread from when he was born is still on the forum. :cool: Wow...
  16. ZooMom

    Reilly's Pub (3)

    This thread was split automatically after 1000 replies and this thread has been automatically created. The old thread automatically closed is here: "Reilly's Pub (2)"
  17. ZooMom

    Reilly's Pub (2)

    This thread was split automatically after 1000 replies and this thread has been automatically created. The old thread automatically closed is here: "Reilly's Pub"
  18. ZooMom

    It's almost over...

    On November 12th, 2009, my husband left home to take a contract job as a law enforcement advisor to Army and Marine special forces units in Afghanistan. I remember posting here, asking for your prayers, and I just wanted to let you know he's almost home. :) Thank you so much for any prayers that...
  19. ZooMom

    Why can I not give these blessings away?

    I've tried and tried...and it just isn't working. Is there a numeric limit for each 'gift'?
  20. ZooMom

    Someone in OBOB is having a BABY!!!

    :clap::angel::clap: And she said I could tell! Bet you can't guess! :angel: