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  1. Phronema

    Metropolitan Kallistos

    May his memory be eternal.
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    His Eminence Metropolitan Kallistos of Diokleia

    Thank you for checking into it Anhelyna. Also, in the OP the two who signed the message mentioned that the Metropolitan is likely in the final hours of this life, and that people are staying with him around the clock.
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    His Eminence Metropolitan Kallistos of Diokleia

    To the Orthodox Christians on the forum I'd like to pass along something I read from Fr. Andrew Stephen Damick's page on FB. His Eminence Metropolitan Kallistos of Diokleia is apparently in the final hours of this life. The message from Fr. Andrew is below. "We are writing to ask for your...
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    Quote Source?

    Do we happen to know which day specifically this was chanted? There were a lot of passion-bearers in the month of July. St. Vladimir, St. Nicholas, St. Panteleimon, Sts Boris and Gleb, and maybe others. If we knew which day specifically this appeared it may help us to find it.
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    Review of a newly published Prayer Book

    Nice! I did as well, and I'm thankful that I'm able to support it.
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    Review of a newly published Prayer Book

    I hadn't noticed that they offer an Athonite Psalter. That's outstanding. Also, I really like the fact that this prayer book is an abridged, portable version of the Anthologion. It even has the Prayers of the Hours in it. I'm really looking forward to receiving it as well. Edit : Also...
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    Review of a newly published Prayer Book

    Shameless plus for St. Ignatius Press. I also have the Anthologion from them, and it's very high quality. I highly recommend any of their books if a person is interested in them. Just ordered this one as well. It looks like it'll be a nice addition.
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    Reader Joseph’s Turkey Trip

    Truly awesome pics, Gurney! Thank you for sharing them !
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    blessed Feast!

    Blessed Feast!
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    Russia urges Turkey not to launch offensive in northern Syria

    I hope you have a good trip. Any chance that you'll share a few pictures again as you did with your Israel trip? :)
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    UOC-MP is seeking relations with OCU

    I didn't see this posted anywhere here at TAW, but if it is please let me know. "The Council of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church (hereinafter - the Council), which took place on May 27, 2022 in Kyiv, considered issues of church life that arose as a result of the military aggression of the Russian...
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    How to go about choosing a patron Saint (Adult)

    This is what my priest told me as well. I'm one who doesn't originally bear a Saint's name (first or middle), and so I was told to check the Synaxarion for my birthday, and exactly what you mentioned with reading the Holy Scriptures, the Church Fathers, etc. I'll say they have a way of...
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    Christ is Risen !!

    Christ is Risen! Truly He is Risen!
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    Akathist: Bones of the Living Dead

    I think you're spot on. If I'm driving in heavy traffic, and already in a foul mood when I know I'm likely to get upset at others it's not a good time to be listening to chant. On the other hand if I'm at home, and practicing chant for an upcoming service, or praying in my prayer corner, or...
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    Akathist: Bones of the Living Dead

    That's a little disheartening for me. How do we define "in a profane manner"? I very much enjoy chant, and really listen to it about 90% of the time when I'm listening to music, and for a number of reasons. First the subject of much of the secular music tends to be about subjects that don't...
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    Getting Back into Orthodox Christianity

    You've already gotten a lot of great advice in this thread. I'll just add that there's no need to be nervous whatsoever. You really can't do anything wrong so please enjoy yourself as it'll be a wonderful experience I'm sure.
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    I guess this is it

    I'd just add that I'd get far away from any man that will violently lay his hands on you. He's very fortunate, and blessed to have a Christian wife though it doesn't seem he realizes it. There are many resources for you on base as a dependent. You can speak with a Chaplain as well, or even a...
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    I guess this is it

    I would advise speaking to someone on base. I'd start here Military Family Advocacy Program (FAP) • Military OneSource I do hope that's helpful, and of course you have my prayers.