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  1. joinfree

    Disproof of Gödel Theorem

    The Theorem of Kurt Gödel leads to conclusion, that no theory can be Absolutely Proved. Because must contain unproven assumptions. Does it mean, that Darwin's Theory is not a fact? But disproval of Gödel is simple: if nothing can be finally proven, then the Gödel's Theorem is not proven as...
  2. joinfree

    Disproof of Millennium Prize problem proof

    In year 2019 Wikipedia writes on G. Perelman's proof of Poincare Conjecture: "... he wanted to cut the manifold at the singularities and paste in caps (NB! PROBLEM A), and then run the Ricci (NB! PROBLEM D) flow again... This deforms the manifold into round pieces with strands (NB! PROBLEM B)...
  3. joinfree

    Is it really Fermat's Last Theorem proven?

    What Does it Take to Prove Fermat's Last Theorem? Grothendieck and the Logic of Number Theory | Bulletin of Symbolic Logic | Cambridge Core If it is necessary to use assumptions, or perhaps Unproven Axioms, why then we can not take the Fermat's Theorem as fact? Like was taken as fact the...
  4. joinfree

    Is Science defined as Truth-seeking?

    ``the Spirit of truth. The world cannot accept Him, because it neither sees Him nor knows Him. But you know Him, for He lives with you and will be in you." John 14:17. God is Absolute Truth and Truth is God. God is as well Love and Love is God. Just Love like Jesus Christ does. Jesus loves me...
  5. joinfree

    What about anti-Big Bang papers?

    Look references to anti-Big Bang papers in and try to debunk it using own brain, not just trolling "it is not top ranked journals, so it must be wrong." MORE ON TROLLING: ``the Spirit of truth. The world cannot accept Him, because it neither sees Him nor knows Him. But you know Him, for He...
  6. joinfree

    Problem to publish Dark Matter solution

    Friends, I have in 4 ways proven the nature of Dark Matter. I surely know, what it is. But there are 200 most renown journals on Physics. Each journal considers paper up to 1 month. Therefore, to find out, that the paper will be not published would take 200 month. It is about 15 years. Is it...
  7. joinfree

    Theology Of Existence: The Way To Source

    Human common reaction to a new thing is played in There are indeed wonderful things to discover, because Philosophy of Religion must be united with Physics: knowledge of a human is the knowledge, that has his God. If human knows, that his God is omnipresent or omnipotent, then the human must...
  8. joinfree

    Does authority rating coincides with impact factor?

    Please tell me the best place to publish a breakthrough papers on Gravitation. The best choice is surely journal Nature. Slightly less good place is Nature Physics. Less good place is Physical Review Letters, then Physical Review D, Annals of Physics, European Journal of Physics C. Please...
  9. joinfree

    Love comes First

    An interesting psychological dialogue: Love comes First. -- I have a PhD in experimental particle physics, a couple of dozen genetics papers in elite journals, and some number of physics papers in elite journals that I can't be bothered to figure out. -- Why don't you love and respect me then...
  10. joinfree

    Einstein mistake is found

    Hello, friends, in the file is shown, that body, while falling into Black Hole vanishes without ever reaching central singularity. Or what ever singularity: singular state inside body is reached without outside singularity! It can't be. Mistake of Einstein? Who wonna be my science supervisor?
  11. joinfree

    Time Machine prototype 2019?

    But they have just decreased the entropy (a chaos) in some local place. But that is not forbidden in non-equilibrium thermodynamics. Where is then their time travel?! Scientists ‘reverse time’ with quantum computer in breakthrough study
  12. joinfree

    Historic Sources of Sun Blackout at 33AC

    The modern Physical Science records the unnatural brightness changes in the stars: T. S. Boyajian, et al., "Planet Hunters IX. KIC 8462852: Where's the flux?" Mon.Not.R.Astron.Soc. {457}(4), 3988-4004 (2016), S. Scaringi, et al., "The peculiar dipping events in the disk-bearing young-stellar...
  13. joinfree

    On Love Gradation in brethren

    It's common knowledge as followers of Christ we're brethren. However, even Jesus Christ has gradation of Love: the most loved apostle is John. So, if you and my mom were in danger, I will save my mom first.
  14. joinfree

    Achilles caught up with the Turtle, which revealed the masses of all neutrino

    Zero distance (or zero time interval) is not a distance at all, but a contact. Therefore, there is the minimum possible distance. Does Achilles catch up with the Turtle in Zeno's paradox? Yes, if there is a minimum non-zero distance: then the sum of the lengths (as long as Achilles catches up...
  15. joinfree

    Ones in mental clinics have more mind, than society

    Why? They receive medical treatment. You should search for life-long marriage in there. "Utah House Passes Bill That Would Allow Drivers to Run Red Lights" Utah House Passes Bill That Would Allow Drivers to Run Red Lights
  16. joinfree

    Can't CERN open Star Gate to hell?

    The fear of Bible believers, is what CERN will open "inter-dimensional" portal to hell. The opening of portals is the common theme in the esoteric paranormal world. Star Gate movie: But a theorem from last century kills that fantasy. Read: Quote: "This is roughly constitute the famous...
  17. joinfree

    Evidence for Young Earth Creationism?

    This year (2019AC) results, published in Physical Review (E), prove, that spiral Galaxies are not stable yet. Last year was expected the stability. Thus, the 180 degree reverse change in expectations favours the Universe being only 7500 years old. Is it an evidence for YE Creation? Phys. Rev. E...
  18. joinfree

    Can Theory of Probability be applied to Biology?

    many people ask, ``if a man is descended from monkeys, then why aren't today's monkeys turning into humans?'' I heard the official answer like in a fairy tale: ``a long time ago a small group (separated from a herd of monkeys) found hallucinogenic mushrooms (or fermented berries) in the forest...
  19. joinfree

    Non-respect is Disrespect? Non-love is Hatred?

    In the attached article is proven: 1. Charles Darwin's book must be rethinking, 2. The current state of Darwin research led to divorces and DisLove. 3. Is War of Genders the real war? Quote: Do you respect nobody until you make friends with them? Therefore, you dis-respect people of Estonia...
  20. joinfree

    Why human came not from bears? Why only apes matter?

    Dear loved ones, the has long list of "Arguments we think creationists should NOT use" among them "If we evolved from apes, why are there still apes today?" I think, the whole problem with it is a poor wording. The better one is "why only apes have developed human-like abilities...