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  1. juvenissun

    Why do human grow extra-long hair?

    I presume there is no answer to this question. Even the mighty flexible evolutionists can not answer it. But, just in case, dear evolutionists, please open my eyes to this question. Thanks.
  2. juvenissun

    Religious education needed, please.

    I like to learn the most interesting, the most profound, most surprising teachings in doctrine of religions other than Christianity. Islam is the priority, Buddhism second, others are also very welcome. Something much more than like god loves you, god will train you, teach you, or we should...
  3. juvenissun

    How did these life evolved out?

    Evolutionists: Why would these animals want to evolve into this place where there is no sunlight, hot (300°C+) and crushing (~2000 atm) ?
  4. juvenissun

    Should we eat cloned animals?

    I read in the news that there could be beef from cloned cow available in the market. Is that similar in nature to the genetically modified corn? Is a cloned animal good to eat? How about Christians? Should a Christian treat cloned animals the same as natural animals?
  5. juvenissun

    What are special teachings of Islam?

    Islam teaches many things the same as or similar to what Christian does. What are the teachings in Islam which is unique and make Islam separate from Christianity? This is just a Q/A thread, please refrain from any argument or debate. Thanks. Let me start it: Allah: the God of Islam. Other...
  6. juvenissun

    Basic questions about Islam (2)

    For those who like to attack Islam, this is NOT the thread for you. If you do that, I will request that your post be removed. If you really want to express some doubts about Islam, please make your comment in the form of a question. Now, the question: A good man and a repented bad man both go...
  7. juvenissun

    Basic questions about Islam

    I know very little about Islaam. I don't even know should it spelled like Islam or Islaam. So I like to ask some very basic questions about Islam. Hope people who knows would kindly provide some answers. Start from a question I know the most from the current news report: Why Muslims kill...
  8. juvenissun

    Is dog a special animal?

    What makes dog unique in a behavior described as "loyalty"? What makes a dog "loyal" to its master? Please do not use special case to argue against it. Let's say that we are talking about 95% of the cases.
  9. juvenissun


    Here a non-biology creationist talks again. The biological classification used the idea of Clade. (link) It bears the meaning of ancestral history, and thus is a system support the idea of evolution. Is this system only ideologic and has no practical use (except labeling)? Since...
  10. juvenissun

    Origin of personality

    Is the personality of a person cultured or born with? From examples of identical twins, I tend to think it is something we born to have. If so, what is the origin of it? It should not be (or is more than) a biological inheritance (controlled by some DNAs. Do identical twins have identical...
  11. juvenissun

    How to deal with evil?

    How to deal with evil? As a Christian, I know well on the Christian doctrine of evil. So, I do not need any feed back on that. I also know that all philosophy and religion are also trying to deal with the problems of evil. And that is what I am try to solicit on your opinion. This...
  12. juvenissun

    Heaven, Hell, and ...?

    This question enhanced in my mind recently. So, I am seeking your opinion on it. In Christian doctrine, we have a space called Heaven, and another space called Hell (the Lake of Fire). If we count the current space, the earth and our universe, as a temporary one, do we have the third, or...
  13. juvenissun

    Is democracy a wrong idea?

    Human has thousands of years recorded history. And the idea of democracy also has a few thousands of years history. But a democratic political system was not realized in the past few thousands of years until recent. Even today, more than half of the nations in the world are still not fully...
  14. juvenissun

    What is a YOUNG earth?

    I am very sick of this misconception. So, this thread serves as a vent for my anger of people's ignorance. Yes, it includes YOU! If the earth is not 6000 years old, nor 10,000 years old, nor 50,000 years old, could the earth still be a young earth? If the earth is 2 million years old, is...
  15. juvenissun

    Plant cell versus animal cell

    Plant cell and animal cell are in two Kingdoms (?). Is there any effort which tried to convert one into another? Why is it so difficult? Is it theoretically impossible?
  16. juvenissun

    Origin of organic molecule in space?

    We know there are organic molecules embedded in cold space objects. However, I can't figure out where do they come from. Any help from folks in this forum?
  17. juvenissun

    Is our sun still normal?

    Hi, I do feel the solar activity starts to show some unusual trend (compared to cycle 23). Do you think the record is a little strange in 2011? It seems rises too fast. I am not sure. That is why I like you to look at it. - Monthly Solar Flux and Sunspot Averages + Trend Charts
  18. juvenissun

    Origin of human soul

    I like to share this idea. Criticism is mostly welcome. Where does the soul (or spirit? Let's not argue about that) come from for every human being? I don't think it is a good argument that God creates every new souls when a baby is conceived since Adam and Eve, and continuously do so into the...
  19. juvenissun

    Any one takes Prinivil (Lisinopril) ?

    One thing I found is curiously missing in this forum is the discussion of health issue. In church meetings, one topic every elder enthusiastically discussed whenever a chance is given is something related to health. Is everyone in this group super healthy and has no medical problem whatsoever...
  20. juvenissun

    Where is the challenge of any word game?

    If a website like THIS is on your finger tip, where is the challenge of any word game any more?