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    ABC's of Anything (28)

    Ur [of the Chaldees]
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    Keep a Word - Change a Word

    Devotional Songs
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    Arbitrary Connections

    Conformed ... Romans 8:29
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    More Fellowship with Soph and Friends (200)

    Here in west central Florida - Tampa Bay area - we are very dry. It is not yet hot enough for the afternoon thunderstorms, LOL at least I think that is the reason. I walk in a park that has small ponds. There's a connecting swale between the two main ponds and it is dry. It usually has water...
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    Change one letter (9)

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    ABC's of things in your home...

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    Senior Eagles (65+)

    Between 1956 and 1958 I attended public school in the California desert near a base critical to the Cold War, I never remember seeing any of the duck and cover films or being told about it. Years later I assumed all adults in the community, many with connections to the base, knew our time would...
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    Senior Eagles (65+)

    I am 72. Getting older has been the best part of my life. Sin is easier to avoid, lol, but not eliminate. My life of seeking God has a better foundation of practices and freedoms from the world's distractions. There's more of "It is OK, don't worry." Many things I used to believe to be...
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    Change one letter word game (7)

    I am sorry. I lost the place where I should be.
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    More Fellowship with Soph and Friends (200)

    TasteAtlas listed the top 100 food as of January 2021. You are in good company. Pizza is the number 1 most popular food in the world.
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    More Fellowship with Soph and Friends (200)

    Hope you have no damage. Since writing my earlier post, I think I will drive from Tampa to Wauchula, Florida and find a nearby state or county park I have not been to and then stop and get some pizza at a little place in Wauchula on my way back.