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  1. E-beth

    On hitting 40 I am, fresh from the 30's forum. I remember when my mom was 29, and I thought that was so old!!!! I had a surprisingly hard time with this birthday. Normally I don't care a whit about age, but I sorta got reflective when I turned 40. How was YOUR fortieth? What do you think is...
  2. E-beth

    kids' friends

    I do want to know the parents. My husband volunteers at our son's school, so he has met and introduced me to many of the other parents. I would feel more relaxed dropping off my eight-year-old at any of their houses for a playdate than I do when he is just next door at our next-door-neighbor's...
  3. E-beth

    Fast food

    We don't eat it as much as we used to, but we do eat it. I work full time, have a disabled husband and a eight-year-old that doesn't want to wait until 7:30 PM to eat a good home cooked meal. Alhough eating home cooked is not a guaranteed healthy alternative. If you researched where our...
  4. E-beth


    It is possible that she has social anxiety disorder. I am not sure how or if they treat children with it, but it might be worth looking into. I feel for the dance teacher too. She was trying to build her up, compliment her and give her admiration from her peers, and it backfired. I hope...
  5. E-beth

    Remarriage Question

    I come from a long line of strong second marriages. In July I will officially been with my second husband longer than I was with the first. My second husband has become everything I ever needed and wanted, and the horrors of my first marriage have made me a stronger person within our marriage...
  6. E-beth

    Christian Children's Book

    Ah...little Puchinello! The book is You Are Special by Max Lucado. I so love that book.
  7. E-beth

    Snooping in your kids stuff,Do u think it's okay,Or not?

    My philosophy is, and my son has been told this while still in elementary school, that his space is his space as long as he doesn't give me a reason to go looking through his stuff. He doesn't have a MySpace or Facebook yet but our computer is in the living room and he already knows I look over...
  8. E-beth

    Movies Which Offend You As A Christian?

    I am not easily offended. I can watch almost anything and my Christian sensibilities do not come into play. I usually know when something is naughty or sacreligious enough to avoid them in the first place, though. I did not get offended by Passion of the Christ. I thought it was eye-opening...
  9. E-beth

    Is reading Twlight a sin?

    As far as the question in the OP goes, my opinion is that doing anything the Spirit spurns you away from is sin. To some people, reading Twilight could be a stumbling block, or a cause to sin. The Holy Spirit would tell you if you should stay away. To disregard God's will is to sin. You...
  10. E-beth

    God help me, but I don't like her!

    The answer is no, I wouldn't have. Even our 7-year-old son knows that he has to save for expensive things he wants. And i would have been happy to save up and help pay for the dress if she had told us about it way ahead of time, and also if she were actually attending the school the prom was...
  11. E-beth

    God help me, but I don't like her!

    Thanks for all the advice! Thanks be to the Lord, He has started moving in her life. Her mother tried to open credit cards in my husband's name and was caught. So during all the court proceedings and the police investigating the ex-wife, our stepdaughter has begun to realize that the lies...
  12. E-beth

    *Moved from Women's Discusssion* Suicide/Heaven

    I believe that God forgives desperation and actions caused by it. I also think that God didn't specifically tell us in His Word whether or not it denies admittance to heaven, because it is not His plan for us. And I am sure He knew that if He would have said, "Suicide is forgiven" then so many...
  13. E-beth

    Left Behind?

    I was so hooked on them when they first came out. I believe I was introduced after book 4 came out, and after that bought them the day they came out. I was active on the messageboards. When the prequels came out I didn't rush out to buy them, I got them from the library. In the time since...
  14. E-beth

    Anyone else read the Thorn in my Heart Series by Liz Curtis Higgs?

    I read them and loved them too I don't usually go for historical romance stuff, but I do like Liz's writing. I was hooked and read each of them very quickly. Liz's website at one time had pictures of the houses and scenery she talks about in the books. I was intrigued by the cutty stool...
  15. E-beth

    The Original Mickey Mouse Club

    *sing* How will I know my love... How will I know my darlin'? Something something up above How will I know my love?
  16. E-beth

    The Original Mickey Mouse Club

    I LOVED MMC. I liked the one in the seventies as well, but then again, I was a kid then. The old MMC I watched in reruns. I loved Karen but wanted to be Darlene. What a beauty she was. I have an old MMC record from back then. It has The Green Grass Grew All Around and some song about...
  17. E-beth

    Wife walked out

    I agree that lots of people in the church put emphasis on sex...mostly because they can. It's easy to point fingers when you are pretty certain you would not take part in that particular sin. Kinda like an anorexic person could easily be disgusted by gluttony. Still, sin is sin. We just...
  18. E-beth

    A book that can change,,EVERYTHING "The Shack"

    Bumping this up I read ALOT of books, and this book was just excellent. I fell in love with God all over again, and it made me not fear death in a real way. It made me pray differently. It made me crave heaven. It made me wish I could have such a weekend. Awesome.
  19. E-beth

    She'll probably get some chocolate the day after Valentines Day...

    I bet he did. He wouldn't have been able to walk normally if he said something like that at my workplace, which consists of all women. ;) If I had heard him say that, I would've said , "hmmm...I guess she is used to sloppy seconds." :sorry:
  20. E-beth

    Wife walked out

    There is alot of difference between a sex addict and a person who loves sex. A sex addict is addicted to sex and will do unsafe or illogical stuff to get it. A sex addict puts their sexual needs above everything, and everyone, else. I know because I used to be married to one. If you are...