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    This is terrible, but is it really charitable to post it here when it relates to the RCC?
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    Some Hopeful News for a Change, Church rapidly growing out in Utah!

    Absolutely! We need American converts in order to grow the faith here in the Americas! Too long have we been shut in our little Orthodox ethnic bubbles. The Mormons and the Heterodox put our missionary and outreach efforts TO SHAME!
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    Some Hopeful News for a Change, Church rapidly growing out in Utah!

    Utah Mormons, Protestants finding new spiritual home in ancient Orthodox church "That certainly is the case for Sts. Peter and Paul Orthodox Christian Church in downtown Salt Lake City. The Rev. Justin Havens says the church, located in a former Jewish synagogue at 355 S. 300 East, had fewer...
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    I love this new trend in the "skeptic/atheist" community

    Exactly my thoughts. There are so many apathetic people that have turned away from Christ due to the watered down Protestant religion they have been exposed to, coupled with the seemingly endless scandal that plagues the Roman Catholic Church, and the modernizing forces within the RCC that are...
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    This is the Psalter I use from the Holy Cross bookstore. Bilingual Greek and English! The Psalter According to the Seventy (Greek-English)
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    The Church growing in Africa! Mass Baptisms led by his beatitude the Patriarch of Alexandria!

    Patriarch of Alexandria Celebrates Mass Baptism of 350 in Tanzania · Journey To Orthodoxy Glory to God, in all things!
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    Russia To Build Multi-million Dollar Patriarchal Mansion

    Not going to lie, this is pretty bad optics for a Church that is already viewed by many as corrupt and an arm of the Russian government, whether the perception is true or not. Remember though, the Patriarch had a palace in Constantinople as well
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    New 'Fun' thread

    Sorry Roman Catholic brothers and sisters!
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    Glory to God

    Do my eyes deceive me? Actual GOOD news on the state of Orthodoxy!
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    Is the Orthodox Russian Church in cahoots with Putin?

    Yes. As sad as it is. If Patriarch Kyril spoke out against Putin, we would probably have a situation similar to what happened to our father among the Saints John Chrysostom, when he spoke out against Empress Eudoxia. St. John was exiled, twice. I don't presume to judge our Hierarchs, but Church...
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    Prayers please!

    Well His Eminence Elpidophoros' name literally means "Bringer of Hope," so it's a start!
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    Prayers please!

    This summer, I will be starting my journey to the Diaconate (God willing!) and will be attending my first classes at seminary. (Holy Cross, in Brookline) Don't just pray for me, pray that the GOA does not collapse in on itself so that I can finish my studies! Any advice/ comments would be...
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    New Orthodox schism stalls eucumenical dialogue, Vatican official says

    I can see no end to this schism until the next Patriarch of Constantinople is enthroned, whenever that may be. God willing, he will reach out to Russia. Realistically, it is not going to happen though. On the Russian side, things probably aren't going to change any time soon. Putin and his...
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    New 'Fun' thread

    Adding to the Church signs haha!
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    GOA has new Archbishop! Elpidophoros of Bursa! MANY YEARS!

    Elpidophoros selected new archbishop of America | Kathimerini "Metropolitan of Bursa Elpidophoros has been selected as the new archbishop of America to replace Demetrios who stepped down earlier this month. The decision was taken by the Holy and Sacred Synod of the Ecumenical Patriarchate in...
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    OCA and GOA in communion or not?

    Certainly in any of them not under the Patriarch of Moscow. It gets trickier if they wanted to go to a Moscow seminary, but I've seen Non-Chalcedonians at Holy Cross in Brookline so I don't know
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    What I Believe

    Look at it this way. As Christians, we have to subsume our personal beliefs and biases to Christ and the Church. If your personal belief or conviction goes against the Church, we have to change OUR beliefs and OUR biases. The Church does not change for us, Christ is the same yesterday, today...
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    Advice on finding an Orthodox wife?

    My mother was raised Roman Catholic, and my Father was Orthodox. When they married she stayed Catholic, until my little brother was born three years later. On the day of his baptism she surprised everybody in the family and was chrismated alongside him haha! Relationships are serious things...
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    President Erdogan of Turkey threatens to turn Hagia Sophia back into a mosque.

    "Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has told supporters that he plans to convert Istanbul's Hagia Sophia landmark into a mosque as a response to US President Donald Trump's recognition of Israel's claims to occupied East Jerusalem and the Golan Heights. Erdogan has made the future status...