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  1. Religious Crisis

    would you still be in love?

    While this has been said, the question is kind of moot. I would know all these things before falling in love with someone. I would still love her no matter what.
  2. Religious Crisis

    Pop music a bit too much?

    You cannot be serious, when in history have time ever become more conservative when it comes to music or lyrics?
  3. Religious Crisis

    At what age did you first get married?

    We were both 20, almost 6 1/2yrs now.
  4. Religious Crisis

    I knew he/she was the one when...

    I think it was when someone asked me about if we were getting married and I had never even thought about it, I had just never thought of being with anyone else. Also when I relized that she is everything that I am not and that we make eachother better people.
  5. Religious Crisis

    Running Together

    I don't think it happened yet, how I could be wrong. I didn't see a date for the race posted.
  6. Religious Crisis

    Overcoming Pornographic Activity and Addiction-Couples Support and Recovery Thread

    I struggle with this everyday. My problem is that when I stumble and look at porn, I hide it, I feel so ashamed that even though my Wife has told me many times that if I tell her she will be less mad; I can't bring myself to do it. So then she finds the porn and is hurt. So there we are, her...
  7. Religious Crisis

    Christian Song Name Game

    You Are For Me - Kari Jobe
  8. Religious Crisis

    Mega Churches

    Great question. I think first one must ask how many people do you need to constitute a "mega church". Where I go the services are quite large I would say 500-1000 people. My church also uses colored lights at times during worship. Do I go to a mega church? I think it all comes down to an...
  9. Religious Crisis


    So mostly for attention? Just looking for clarification.
  10. Religious Crisis

    What do you find most beneficial?

    I pick worship, but only because I tend to pray while worshiping. So it was kind of a twofer on the poll.
  11. Religious Crisis

    If the Great Schism of 1054 never happened...

    I don't understand your comment, are you saying that people involved in EO or Roman Catholics are not "God's" people?
  12. Religious Crisis


    I had never heard that, it's kind of cool. I think tattoos are ok. I think it is more of mind set and how you represent Christ. If you feel that you can still show Gods love with tattoos then go for it.
  13. Religious Crisis

    Couple Friends

    I would say that we have 2 couples that we hang out with, they are both a lot of fun. I have always wondered how having children would change things.
  14. Religious Crisis


    We each have our own, plus a few extras sitting around and our smartphones.
  15. Religious Crisis

    What are YOU currently reading? (7)

    Super Sad True Love Story - Kind of a new 1984 type book. So far so good.
  16. Religious Crisis

    What was the last movie you watched?

    Inside Man
  17. Religious Crisis

    I am ready