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    Get It On!

    I have heard humanists explain music.
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    pray for friend Sarah J's kids at this time

    Will definitely pray!:prayer:
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    How "the dialectic process" caused The Space Shuttle Challengers destruction~

    Sometimes conspiracy theories can be fun. But they have to make sense.
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    important appointment

    On the third attempt, yesterday, it worked. Now one thing has been taken care of. Praise God.
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    Star Trek Voyager and Obama - are practicing the Dialectic Process

    1. God can use it too I guess. 2. never seen anything in the genre you are discussing, I wouldn't know. But tv can help people for good, with issues and all. 3. I thought it was there to make us buy whats advertised.
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    important appointment

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    Prophetic Practice / Prophetic Edification Thread (4)

    My signature is an onion head, onionheads are so cute and that is the cutest one scratching its butt. Thats all it means
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    important appointment

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    Star Trek Voyager and Obama - are practicing the Dialectic Process

    Fascinating. I once asked my commie friends what happens to christians if they took over. Oh we would be allowed to be christians but they would try and 'teach' us the truth. No plans were made for if great numbers refused to 'learn.' I think communism is a spiritual delusion. They are very...
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    important appointment

    We are staying up all night again this time to make one last attempt. We must walk to the bus stop in darkness (pray we aren't attacked) and wait outside with hopefully not many others to get first in line by 9 a.m. Our last chance to keep our heat on. :prayer::sad:
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    It's Veteran's Day

    A good thread. My father served in the Air Force in wwII. I am not sure he knows what day it is anymore, but I was always proud.
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    Prophetic Practice / Prophetic Edification Thread (4)

    When Will god come through?
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    I really didn't expect Obama to win...

    You mean he isn't going to appoint Bill Ayres a diplomat?:holy:
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    important appointment

    We didn't even get seen. Now something bad will happen (cannot say).
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    Husbands - how can your wives show support and encouragement for your headship?

    From what I've read, the answer is Appreciation. As a female who was once spiritual and financial head of the household, its what I would've wanted.
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    important appointment

    Getting up way early and going to do something important tomorrow. Please pray it comes through, as its vitally important. Thanks