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  1. IceJad

    Prayer for Pain

    May the Lord's healing be upon you and by His Grace grant you relief in times of pain. Amen
  2. IceJad

    Please pray

    May the Lord bind the wounds of both your hearts and by His Grace bless you house with peace that surpasses all understandings. Amen
  3. IceJad

    Can we have all new posts back at the right side in the main forum page?

    That's one workaround. Besides prayer requests I would also like to see all the interesting new threads being created. Also I don't really have the habit of clicking on my profile to view new alerts. If it wouldn't be much trouble, I would really like to have the Latest Threads back on the...
  4. IceJad

    5 dead, more than a dozen injured at LGBTQ nightclub in Colorado The suspect according to his lawyer considers himself non-binary uses they/them. Maybe he is lying to reduce his criminality level. At this point I can't say either way so I take it as...
  5. IceJad

    Biden says U.S. must not tolerate hate.....

    Oh my! Politicians being forked tongue and hypocritical? Tell me it isn't so... tell me sweet lies. Yeah anyone who believe Biden is the compass of higher moral standard is either sincerely ignorant or a fervent zealot.
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    The video explains more both the name origin and pronunciation
  7. IceJad

    Disney - OUT with New Bob IN with Old Bob

    Ethics along side capital gain? Is this the same Disney we are discussing here? Well good to know if it is. Now If only that translate to actions in places like the Middle East and China. The last I heard Disney execs are frequently visiting chiropractor for prolonged backwards bending over. I...
  8. IceJad

    Can we have all new posts back at the right side in the main forum page?

    I still see a lot of space on the right sidebar to have a web element listing the latest threads. They could put it under or above the Latest Media. I believe it is far more important than Latest Media. At least I can glance and see prayer requests instead of going into the Thread tab. Just a...
  9. IceJad

    Disney - OUT with New Bob IN with Old Bob Well what a surprise. When you spend more time virtue signaling and getting into political fights, your business suffers. Instead of making entertainment for entertainment sake, Disney decided to...
  10. IceJad

    Can we have all new posts back at the right side in the main forum page?

    The main forum page use to show all new threads being posted. It was easy and convenient to get to new threads especially prayer requests. Can it be implemented back? It gets tiring having to like click on thread tab all the time.
  11. IceJad

    In Communion—But Not Happy—With Pope Francis

    So sorry for the state of your church. Even as a protestant a Lutheran no less, I felt your pain. It is very observable how the church the sit of St Peter slips further and further away from the spirit it was found on. Humans are fallible creatures but take heart the Lord is same yesterday...
  12. IceJad

    German priest backs pornography as sexual ‘relief’ for celibates, says Pope Francis was wrong to associate porn with the devil

    It's not all wrong, if you remove the religious aspect from it porn can serve as a relief from built up sexual frustration. Same as how drugs are use to relief certain conditions. And like drug there is a chance you will develop an unhealthy dependency on it. The question now lies on God's...
  13. IceJad

    Pope Francis: ‘We Have to Keep Fighting for Women’s Equality’

    Modern expression of feminism (3rd Wave) has forever tainted the words women equality for me. Every time I read anything close to women's right, it brings all the negative thoughts out of me. Images of entitled, loud, rude and self-righteous feminists shouting like howler monkeys flashes in my...
  14. IceJad

    Accused Albany bishop asks to be removed from priesthood

    Good start, but the next step is still required. Surrender to the authorities and cooperate to bring all the predators to justice.
  15. IceJad

    Regular Religious Jews View on Church and Mosque

    Firstly the video is about whether a Jew can/will go into a church and a mosque. My initial expectation was depends on the individual. The more religious the person is the less likely he will enter. Nothing out of the ordinary. What caught me off guard was the difference in treatment between a...
  16. IceJad

    New Interface Feels Too Cluttered

    The separation of sections are too hard to see. There are too little spacing between everything. The old interface was more pleasing to the eyes. It was simple but very functional.
  17. IceJad

    Prayer Request

    May the Lord lead you to new opportunities.
  18. IceJad

    Old Twitter - American Big Tech Meddling in Japanese Society

    Ah, don't misunderstand me. I'm not disagreeing with your statement on the variance of political identity by country. I merely wish to highlight (with a dash of example) that despite the difference, it hasn't stopped the western far-left ideologs from spreading their virulent ideas abroad...
  19. IceJad

    Old Twitter - American Big Tech Meddling in Japanese Society

    Of course, I'm not denying that. Every nation has her own spectrum of political alignments with very different criteria defining the spectrum. However that has not stopped Western ideological issues from being forced onto the Japanese Twitter. Being in Japan you would at least know of the...
  20. IceJad

    Old Twitter - American Big Tech Meddling in Japanese Society

    One can hardly call this a surprise at this point. For all the "woke" & "progressive" screeching about Elon's purchase destroying democracy, they seem to so conveniently forgot their own doings upon others. In this particular instance to Japan. A sovereign country with her own unique culture...