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  1. Wild_Thrasher

    MSNBC Special on Pentecostals

    I missed it :( i will have to check to see if it is going to be re-aired.
  2. Wild_Thrasher

    laptop screen

    are you sure that it needs to be replaced? I bought a laptop from a friend at an incredibly discounted rate because the screen was not working correctly. Before spending 300-400 on a replacement, I opened it up and saw that the connectors had become dislodged. Since you didn't give many...
  3. Wild_Thrasher

    How much TV?

    We would let our boys watch different movies, generally Veggie Tales. Then we began allowing our eldest to watch occassional Nick cartoons as a reward during potty-training. I knew we had gone overboard when he came running up to me and said, "Daddy!!! Nic Jr. will be right back". That...
  4. Wild_Thrasher

    How to become a minister They have the Berean School of the Bible courses available. These courses can be ordered and you can take them from home. There are 3 different levels of courses that you can take. Certified, Licensed, and Ordained. There are other requirements as well in order to get...
  5. Wild_Thrasher

    Jobs Kids Can Do

    Here are the chores that my boys have. They are 2 and 3. Make sure chairs are pushed upto the table Make beds Our recliners have those fabric arm protectors, their job is to make sure those are on correctly. Folding washcloths
  6. Wild_Thrasher

    Daughter won't sleep

    I do not know anything about your relationship with your wife, so I apologize in advance for being presumptious. We had similar problems with our boys and we found that it was the relationship between my wife and I that was the problem, not the children. I would come home from work and give...
  7. Wild_Thrasher

    WTB: Bible on CD

    We found the New Testament (NLT version) on CD through LTDcommodities for $16.
  8. Wild_Thrasher

    What are YOU currently reading?

    This weekend I read The Five People You Meet in Heaven by Mitch Albom
  9. Wild_Thrasher

    Any other Minnesotans?

    How did the party go??? Did anyone from the forums make it?
  10. Wild_Thrasher

    Counter Strike

    Still looking for a 1.5 CS Christian server :D
  11. Wild_Thrasher

    custom built desktops

    I have had very good fortune by buying bare-bones systems. I usually order them with a case, mother board, processor, heat sink, fan, and power supply. I usually wind up paying around $250 - $300 for a fairly nice system. That just leaves me with having to add in the rest of the hardware...
  12. Wild_Thrasher

    Any other Minnesotans?

    Coon Rapids - representing :D:D:D **scratches his head and wonders why he said it like that**
  13. Wild_Thrasher

    Plug your church!

    Website is Emmanuel Christian Center 7777 University Ave NE Spring Lake Park, MN 55432
  14. Wild_Thrasher

    The Funny Things Kids Say! gotta love the little ones. :D As I took my 2 and 3 year olds grocery shopping last night (we thought we would give mommy a break), the store was given a wonderful gift by my boys. They broke out into a wonderful chorus of "Jesus loves me this I know......." It would not have...
  15. Wild_Thrasher

    Counter Strike

    Anyone know of any 1.5 Christian servers?
  16. Wild_Thrasher

    Looking for an online Chrsitian Gaming Group

    Looks like a great group. I have signed up - looking forward to meeting some of the member while playing a little Counter Stike.
  17. Wild_Thrasher

    Toddler Tantrums

    **Wild-Thrasher runs off to give this a try** Whoa!!!!!!!
  18. Wild_Thrasher

    Toddler Tantrums

    Here is a little of the experience that I have had with my 2 and 3 year-olds. We spank, there I said it. :D We found that our older child responded to this. Our youngest, he did not respond in the same way. He forced us to make a choice, either to spank harder and more frequently OR find...
  19. Wild_Thrasher

    Any PDA Users?

    Any one use any good Bible programs on their PDA? I use 2 seperate Bible programs on mine. One has the NKJ version, both Old and New Test. The other is a New Test. only of the TNIV. Each program has their Pros/Cons. Anyone have a version of a Bible Reader that they are very happy...
  20. Wild_Thrasher

    Growing Kids God's Way

    I believe it is an extension of "Babywise". Dealing more with children that are 2-3 and up.