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  1. 5stringJeff

    Ye Olde Libertarian Pub

    I voted for Barr in '08, mostly because I was newly liberated from the GOP and wanted to vote for the LP candidate as a protest vote. Barr is looking to run for Congress again, presumably as a Republican, so I think we can see how shallow his LP roots were. I also voted for Gary Johnson, and...
  2. 5stringJeff

    Fiscal and social views?

    Using the typical American definitions of conservative and liberal, I'd say I'm fiscally conservative, socially moderate. Fiscally, I think the Rand Paul budget, which eliminates four federal departments, is a good first step. I'd like to see entitlement programs ended, subsidies eliminated...
  3. 5stringJeff

    Ye Olde Libertarian Pub

    Know them both well. I've been an "Austrian" for years!
  4. 5stringJeff

    Ye Olde Libertarian Pub

    Hey everyone! I'm not the most active poster on here, but I am a libertarian and wanted to say hi! I'm a recovering Republican, but I've always had a libertarian streak. I finally made the jump in '08 to the LP, cancelled my subscription to National Review and picked up Reason instead.
  5. 5stringJeff

    How do you renew your mind?

    I heard a sermon on this when I was in college. There were three points (as any good Southern Baptist preacher would have): 1. Read the word. 2. Meditate on the word. 3. Be mindful of the music you listen to.
  6. 5stringJeff

    Do you sing the Battle Hymn of the Republic?

    I've never liked that song (thanks to my Southern roots) but now I certainly won't sing it.
  7. 5stringJeff

    Calling all worship bass players

    I'm a former bass player. I played in two churches, one in Seattle and one here in GA. When we started attending my current church, they already had two bass players, so I'm teaching Sunday School instead. I play a Schecter Custom-5. I've got an Ashdown 4x10, which I love, although at my last...
  8. 5stringJeff

    Using a Cross or Crucifix?

    Do you mean having one or the other on display in church? I suppose an empty cross, if for no other reason than I'm used to seeing them.
  9. 5stringJeff

    Does your church allow men working in the nursery to change diapers?

    Ludicrous. I'd be pretty upset if I found out this was the policy at our church.
  10. 5stringJeff

    Where are the Nazarenes on this forum?

    I attend a Naz church as well.
  11. 5stringJeff

    a test

    You are an evangelical in the Wesleyan tradition. You believe that God's grace enables you to choose to believe in him, even though you yourself are totally depraved. The gift of the Holy Spirit gives you assurance of your salvation, and he also enables you to live the life of obedience to which...
  12. 5stringJeff


    Great... yet another reason for every company on Earth to guilt me into buying something for my wife based on the calendar instead of our present situation in life... :(
  13. 5stringJeff


    No pacifiers for our kids, thanks.
  14. 5stringJeff

    How long after birth? [open]

    We had a C-section so it was a little over a month.
  15. 5stringJeff

    Hobbies ~ What is yours?

    Mine are music (playing the bass) and reading (self-teaching, really - see my blog!:D ).
  16. 5stringJeff

    Good wines under 15 dollars

    Columbia Crest.
  17. 5stringJeff

    Style of Preaching

    I prefer expository preaching, but I don't think topical preaching is 'wrong' or a 'lesser' form of preaching.
  18. 5stringJeff

    God's name is Jealous?

    God is allowed to be jealous because He is the owner of everything. We are not to be jealous of things or people because what we have is from God; therefore, by our jealousy, we are in a sense saying that God screwed up by not giving us something.