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  1. “Paisios”

    His Eminence Metropolitan Kallistos of Diokleia

    Lord have mercy! His writings have been of great value to me.
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    A Newbie Thread

    Welcome to the forums!
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    I Proposed To My Girlfriend Last Week!!

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    Seeking more brothers and sisters

    Welcome to the forums!
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    Looking for Other Christians to Share Faith

    Welcome to the forums.
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    The blizzard has begun snow is breaking out

    Well, we’re up to ~18 inches and some blowing winds now. I hope you are doing well.
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    The blizzard has begun snow is breaking out

    Keeping you in prayer. Looks like we’re heading for ~12” total. My workplace closed down early, so I got home before the roads got too bad.
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    The blizzard has begun snow is breaking out

    Not looking forward to going to work today, though the snow has not yet started here in NH. I am hoping we get smaller totals than you are expecting.
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    Stranded on the Ice

    Praise God all turned out well. A box of cat litter is useful in the car as well - it adds weight, and when spread on ice and under your wheels, can help you gain some traction.
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    Who plays Flute?

    I used to play the clarinet and piano, but tried a little with my sister’s flute. Later, also picked up the fife. Not very good at any of them, but enjoy trying.
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    Post a Photo

    Stray hawk sitting on the deck
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    Is today Orthodox Christmas?

    I would approach or e-mail him and ask him when would be a good time to meet. Most priests are quite busy, but most are more than willing to meet with inquirers (or their parishioners) if given the opportunity to schedule it (at least that is my experience, both in the world of flesh and blood...
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    Is today Orthodox Christmas?

    Yes, for the new calendar, it was Epiphany (or Theophany), which is a major feast with several services in most parishes. Today on the new calendar, it is another major feast for St. John the Forerunner (the Baptist), so yes, I would imagine this is a fairly busy time for the priests right now...
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    Is today Orthodox Christmas?

    Old calendar Orthodox celebrate Christmas today. New calendar Orthodox celebrate on December 25. I would check the website of the parish you wish to contact to see which calendar they are on.
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    Prayer requests post here!

    I could use your prayers. God is faithful and true and all things work to His will, but I am weak and tired, and in the midst of this seemingly never ending COVID-19 pandemic as a frontline healthcare worker, I am getting discouraged, tired and am suffering significant compassion fatigue. Pray...
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    What is the purpose of this life?

    “This life has been given to you for repentance; do not waste it in vain pursuits.” St. Isaac the Syrian
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    I only laugh because I’ve done that a few times myself!
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    Analysis of “Pray for Jesus to continue to be faithful.”

    It seems like it is more of a prayer asking Jesus to align with the minister’s will, rather than asking Him to align us with His will.
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    Would you remarry after divorce?

    Would I remarry after divorce? No. But I would not judge anyone who does. I value my half-brother and my stepsisters (though my father remarried after my mother’s death, not after divorce) and treasure all of my family whether through blood, marriage or adoption (and some I consider family...