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  1. Jaaaman

    Wichita Falls, Texas

    Anyone live here? Or near here? :)
  2. Jaaaman

    Anyone here from Texas?

    Hello! I am a Wichita Falls, Texas resident. Anyone else from this wonderful state? :)
  3. Jaaaman

    Pornography is harmful

    A. Pornography has significant negative impact: 1. Pornography facilitates child molestation. * It is used to instruct the child victims, reduce their natural inhibitions, and it is used to prepare and arouse the perpetrator. * 87% of convicted molesters of girls, and 77% of convicted...
  4. Jaaaman

    The Bible Code

    For three thousand years a code in the bible has remained hidden. Now it has been unlocked by computer-and it may reveal our future. Events that happened thousands of years after the bible was written-ww2, the moon landing, watergate, both Kennedy assassinations, the election of Bill Clinton...
  5. Jaaaman

    Hello All!

    Just wanted to say hi! I am new to this forum. I am quite impressed. :thumbsup: