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  1. Mister Emu

    Shame On Wal-Mart

    Wal-Mart fights lawsuits, vigorously.
  2. Mister Emu

    Bible Puzzle - brain teaser!

    First time I've seen this, thanks :)
  3. Mister Emu

    Amityville Horror situation again. Please pray.

    They think they've seen the ghosts of dead relatives. Perhaps not all are demons, there could be other creations of God that exist beyond our current ability to understand... but I feel confident in saying that no perpetual haunting involves the spirit of a human being. Witnessing means...
  4. Mister Emu

    Absence of Faith

    I guess it is bad that my first thought was why does the picture link say the altar is Tony the Tiger when it is clearly the Pink Panther ;) Really, though... the Pink Panther is the center of attention at that altar, and that is fundamentally wrong.
  5. Mister Emu

    To be "humble of heart", The 12 degrees of humility according to St. Benedict and...

    I've always thought of joviality as something good... not an un-humble attitude.
  6. Mister Emu

    favorite TV shows from the 1980's

    I was a child watching shows from the 80's so... G.I. Joe Transformers Duck Tales Gummi Bears Voltron Chip n Dale's Rescue Rangers He-Man Thundercats Inspector Gadget
  7. Mister Emu

    Why Are Catholics So "Cold?"

    When I first went to mass, they asked if anyone was a visitor, I stood up... at the sign of peace everyone around me greeted me... After the Mass the Priest welcomed me, I was invited to RCIA twice and a Bible study, and someone offered to be my sponsor if/when I decided to join the Church. I...
  8. Mister Emu

    Should wrongly convicted be compensated for time behind bars ?

    All of those people except false witnesses are representatives of the state.
  9. Mister Emu

    emotions at mass

    Why is it a problem?
  10. Mister Emu

    Should wrongly convicted be compensated for time behind bars ?

    I cannot fathom how it is acceptable to steal years of an innocent person's life and then not compensate them.
  11. Mister Emu

    Full-body scanners popping up at courthouses

    Full-body scanners popping up at courthouses - Yahoo! News SIAP, did not see it. "If you don't like it, don't x" can't hold up here where people are routinely legally obligated to present themselves. These machines are perverse intrusions into our privacy, they need to be scrapped.
  12. Mister Emu

    Don't touch my junk: TSA officers hear complaints

    'Just doing my job' does not absolve one of personal culpability.
  13. Mister Emu

    When both choices are equally hideous...

    I went with D and Paul... Hopefully I won't end up regretting not voting at all ;)
  14. Mister Emu

    The Chilling Story Behind the Making of 'The Exorcist'

    Ability to prove is not requisite for reality.
  15. Mister Emu

    Pit bull/boxer mix mauls one-year-old boy here

    My prayers are with the child and family... :sigh: You can't have a dog with a history of biting people, especially an owner, around a baby. Here is the reality of owning a Pitbull... If you acquire from a reputable breeder, you are going to get a well bred dog who is energetic, loyal to the...
  16. Mister Emu

    US reporter Helen Thomas quits over Israel comments

    Freedom of speech is not about a lack of social repercussions, but of legal, governmental ones. She is, legally, free to speak her mind, and we are free to express our opinion of her and her opinions... She can tell the Jews to "go home"... and we can tell her where to go...
  17. Mister Emu

    Unanimous agreement among ECF

    ECF = Early Church Father(s)...
  18. Mister Emu

    Buddhist Extremists in Bangladesh Beat, Take Christians Captive

    Mohalchari looks an awful lot like Mahalchhari...
  19. Mister Emu

    British Airways sued over 'humiliating' policy

    They'll need someone with glasses to start the fire ;)