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    The gift of discernment of spirits

    Check their fruit. We should not be unevenly yoked with the world.
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    Are emotions sign posts to God?

    Proverbs 28;26 If we trust our hearts we are fools. Proverbs 12:15 The way of the fool is right in his own eyes.
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    Eat Bread At The Lord's Table

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    Why does God allow suffering? Bear in mind, those that don't need a perfect distraction, suffer less

    God did plan a perfect place without suffering in the beginning with Adam and Eve but they chose to disobey and the consequences of that disobedience was suffering thru sin. We are to praise God thru everything that happens to us good and bad by doing this we become more humble and contrite...
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    It sounds as if you want things done your way, on your timeline and you're getting frustrated. Christians live by faith, which is pleasing to God, this shows we trust him. Maturity in Christ is a gradual thing, we go thru many, many trials and tests while on on our journey. We either grow, gain...
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    christians always hurt

    HELP, HOW? You're not being very clear.
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    Freedom from sin. Our choice.
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    It's interesting that Satan tried tempting Jesus after 40 days and nights of fasting what should've been at his weakest but not so. Jesus was feasting on God's word for his strength.
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    No not empathize but to Love our neighbor. By loving others we are not to understand or agree with them in their sin but to share the gospel and act accordingly. When Jesus ate with the prostitutes and tax collectors do you think he was being empathic with their sinfulness? No he was about...
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    How did you fully surrender during Worship?

    Do you have a quiet time with the Father just you and he, with no distractions? Give Him your burdens, pray, read listen sing however you worship him.
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    Why are some people so unkind?

    Why do ppl lie when it's a lot easier to tell the truth...It's all about the sinful nature, and it's all about the ME attitude ppl live in... we are to teach and train up our children in the ways of the Lord. We now have world full of kids that are disrespectful, mouthy, and rebellious. Parents...
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    Why are some people so unkind?

    Unkindness is part of fallen human nature just like telling a lie, cheating, taking revenge, etc..Jesus taught a better way to live producing fruit of the Spirit, even being kind to enemies. We are the salt and light of the world, we make the difference.
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    Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade, ending 50 years of federal abortion rights

    Allow God to take control of the situation, we have to quit making decisions that only He can make. So many things can and do's called life.
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    Abortion to prevent increased suffering

    If parents did was Right there wouldn't be a need for foster homes but unfortunately we don't live in a perfect world that's why we need God's word more than ever before for direction in this evil society. Ppl need to start doing things his way instead of ours.
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    Abortion to prevent increased suffering

    The last time I checked God is in charge of someone, person, kid, baby dying, everyone born is given by God for his purposes. When sperm meets the egg boom conception, without either one of these a person isn't created. If this creation isn't full filing the lives of the biological parents...
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    Hypocrites ?

    The last 6 years have shown me alot...what used to be called evil is now called good and what used to called good is now considered evil. We fight for what's right and get called racist...then we have to fight against hate groups whisc are called good even though looting and burning is called...
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    Why can't everyone in the world just be nice to each other?

    I totally agree...Christians are being watched consistently by the other side and If we don't die to our human nature everyday to change our worldliness what's the point of the other side wanting or needing this change too. We are to be Christ's witness not the world.