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    Today Is A Special Day

    I'll get this in before I get banned....Happy Anniversary!
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    Where is a good place to meet people?

    Obviously, He doesn't think you're serious enough....
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    Where is a good place to meet people?

    @Thomas, The thing about some of these folks, they're not all that caring about people's feeling, they just say what they think is funny.....they might put a "Catholic cross" or a "Christian cross" but they far from live the life of being a Christian. They have to feel better about...
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    Beauty and the perfection.

    No, her type of modeling isn't art, it's going after a mans desires...i.e we're lusting after her.
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    I'm Amazing

    God is more Amazing....just thought you should know...but you are pretty awesome. I like your style.
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    IJWTS Thread (21)

    Ok...seriously...the sarcasm or seriousness in this post had me laughing out loud...maybe it's just because I don't know...I needed a laugh, and I had to find something funny.....and this was it.
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    Do YOU have a crush on anyone? (28)

    :234: I kind of already knew them.....
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    Do YOU have a crush on anyone? (28)

    Ooh ahh lalalal oh lalala gaga gaahahaha it's a Bad Bromance!
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    IJWTS Thread (21)

    IJWTS....I want some Chinese food....
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    what songs

    Usually this if I do YouTube - Honor (Main Title Theme From ''The Pacific'')
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    Would you date someone from church ?

    She speaks the truth. :thumbsup: :amen:
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    The Beast

    Sorry Global warming is a scare tactic. But we're getting hit with heavy winds, cooler temps then the past few days, they've dropped 25 degrees since this morning. Supposed to rain again tomorrow, and then cloudy on Thursday and lookie there...more snow for Friday....
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    High School Reunions

    Came and went, didn't really feel like seeing any of the folks from High School. Most of them are the same idiots they were in high school.
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    What type of school did you go to?

    K-to the middle of my 4th grade year, DOD school (Department of Defense), (for military children only), from the second semester of my 4th grade year through high school public school in the "awesome" Memphis and Shelby County School was a private school.
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    IJWTS Thread (21)

    IJWTS....working over night sucks...
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    For those of you in the US...

    Who cares about oil prices, I already pay almost $4 a gallon (Diesel), and that's bottom of the barrel crap. But then I look at your political affiliation and then the :idea: turns on.
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    For those of you in the US...

    Actually I cared before that, but thanks for assuming....I have friends over in the middle east. I care very much for their safety.
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    What other forums do you hang frequent?

    Ubuntu, Android, TechSupport, (anyone see a theme)
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    IJWTS Thread (21)

    I think you're perfect!:cool: