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  1. NiobiumTragedy

    Cloud Atlas

    GASP! Such a thing does not exist! (Excluding Joe Vs The Volcano)
  2. NiobiumTragedy

    What not to get your baby this Christmas

    We're actually considering getting a tablet for ours who is 16 months at this point. He's pretty good with our phones already and realistically, I want him growing up with technology, but also learning from the start that there will be limitations. By grade 2 we'll have him start taking...
  3. NiobiumTragedy

    New Eminem album

    I listened to most of it. It's decent but I think it lacks something his other albums captured; maybe the comedic song he always seemed to release as his first single on an album. Rap God is pretty decent. It seems to be the track everyone talks about.
  4. NiobiumTragedy

    Gary Numan

    My wife and I are big fans and were sad he didn't perform with NIN at the show we went to. hehe Splinter has become one of my favourite albums of his. Dead Son Rising and Jagged were both really good as well.
  5. NiobiumTragedy

    Buying then new consoles?

    Nope. Last console I bought was a 360 and I used it for 1 week before it red ringed and I had no interest in fixing it (got it used). Pure PC gamer here. :D
  6. NiobiumTragedy

    Bioware Games

    Dragon Age: Origins has become one of my top RPGs of all time.
  7. NiobiumTragedy

    Paradox Interactive

    They make a lot of "meh" worthy games though not nearly as bad as Excalibur Publishing.
  8. NiobiumTragedy

    Dragon Age

    Here's the PAX Demo. Combat for me was impressive. I'm glad they are going back to DA:O in a hybrid way. Looks very well designed. IML4hhg8Yz0 g6rV1Y6Vcxg bbGN7OBngCQ
  9. NiobiumTragedy

    Dragon Age

    DA2 was a waste of time IMO. The story was kind of "meh", but the gameplay aspects of it drove it strait into the ground. DA:O DLC was alright. I'm excited that DA:I looks to be picking up on the Morrigan story. Awakenings was too linear though. It was the first real view of where EA was...
  10. NiobiumTragedy

    Console or PC?

    My last actual console I bought new was the N64 (Bought a 360 used and it red ringed in a week). I am a full on PC gamer and I'm happy with that. I like having control over the hardware and having actual evolution as time goes on while still being able to enjoy older games.
  11. NiobiumTragedy

    Dragon Age

    DA had a much better story, more intimate and involved characters. It lacked the open world of Skyrim but it was so well done that it barely mattered.
  12. NiobiumTragedy

    Cloud Atlas

    For what it was, the film was amazing. I think it balanced the Cloud Atlas and the stories very well without getting boring. I think had the movie focused more on the composition it would have been a lot more lackluster and dragged on. Let's face it, the movie was nearly 3 hours as it was and...
  13. NiobiumTragedy

    Do you listen to movie soundtracks?

    I have a pretty extensive collection of soundtracks. Being a composer myself, I like to see what others have been doing and get some inspiration for projects I may be working on. The hot topic this week seems to be the BRRRRRRRMMMM sound that Hans Zimmer made for Inception (amazing soundtrack...
  14. NiobiumTragedy


    Running 8.1 here. Installed it on 2 machines so far (just waiting on the new drivers for my audio interface before I update the studio) with no problems at all. Not sure why it messed up your desktop. I really like the changes made. Modern looks great and I love that I can organize better...
  15. NiobiumTragedy

    Most realistic FPS?

    Arma 2 is certainly the most realistic; it's an actual simulator. However, Arma 3 needs a ton of work to fix a lot of the complaints we had about Arma 2. Right now I'm waiting to see how Battlefield 4 turns out. I'm hearing it's got a lot of bugs.
  16. NiobiumTragedy

    Dragon Age

    About 6 Human and both types of elves. Mostly humans though. Sure, I would typically romance Liliana or Alistair depending on whether my character was male or female. I loved being in the campsite interacting with party members and the amazingly thought out banter while running around. DA2 was...
  17. NiobiumTragedy

    How old is your cell phone?

    I'm a technology nut and I like shiny things. I got my new phone about 4 months ago (Galaxy S4) and am more than happy having a smart phone because it keeps me connected with everything I want to be connected to.
  18. NiobiumTragedy

    Who's getting GTA V?

    I'll probably pick it up when it goes PC port.
  19. NiobiumTragedy

    in a bit of a pickle

    That wasn't directed at just him. None the less, I know plenty of people who married "unequally yolked" and have stronger relationships than the majority of the Christian relationships I've seen. *shrugs*
  20. NiobiumTragedy

    high memory usage from firefox

    Both Chrome and FF have issues with memory leaking. Right now for me, FF is running about 625MB of RAM with 5 tabs open to various websites. Facebook seems to be the worst culprit when it comes to using memory in any browser. It has way too many scripts running at once.