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  1. tampasteve

    Bible Study Software ??

    I have used eSword, right now I am getting into using Filament, it is a free app that works with Filament enabled Bibles. Basically nearly every page has a little icon and page number that you scan with your phone or tablet, then it links to the app which gives you options for Study, Reflect...
  2. tampasteve

    Is baptism required?

    I think that, broadly speaking, the scriptures imply that it is not required, but is certainly the ideal. There are verses that say that say all we need to do is "believe and be saved", but some also mention baptism. Acts 16: 30-31 Then he brought them out and said, “Sirs, what must I do to be...
  3. tampasteve

    My Cousin, Bobby in Intensive Care

    Praying for him, and for you.
  4. tampasteve

    God is not 3 persons

    ADMIN HAT ON This thread is now closed. Discussing the Trinity, its nature, etc. if fine - but arguing a point that is outside of orthodox Triniarianism is not. God is Triune, 3 Distinct Persons, One in Essense, One God. This is often explained using the following graphic, while imperfect it...
  5. tampasteve

    It's confusing. God doesn't set a good example.

    No worries, I moved it to a better forum :)
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    TBN, Make-up, and the BBN

    I am so sorry to hear about your dad, I will keep you in my prayers for comfort.
  7. tampasteve

    JimWW introduction

    Welcome to the forums, Jim, it is great to have you with us.
  8. tampasteve

    Prayer Books

    For reference, I also really love the book Reading the Psalms with Luther as both a prayer book and devotional.
  9. tampasteve

    Pray for my wife's health

    Praying for the comfort of Jesus and for her healing.
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    Praying for the Lord to cover you in his healing graces.
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    Welcome to the forums!
  12. tampasteve

    Dear Protestant friends

    Having crossed the Tiber in both directions I can say that there is great beauty and grace in the Catholic Church, it is a great blessing to many people, even if it is not the right fit for me and others that find a different path.
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    I appreciate your time in the reply, it is clear that we won't see eye to eye on this subject, both of us believing the other to be misinformed and/or ignoring scripture and custom. That's OK, the issue of veganism isn't a salvific one.
  14. tampasteve

    Can I Have a Buddha Statue as a Christian? Is It Idolatry?

    ADMIN HAT ON Let me reply with what I posted three years ago (and only two posts back): Please note, this is a long dead thread (from 2012). While thread necromancy is not against forum rules, it is not useful and the OP will likely never read your post. If the subject interests you and you...
  15. tampasteve

    Nazarene Church and Inerrancy

    Outside of the Orthodox and Catholic churches I am not aware that any church actively claims to be inerrant, do they? Even those churches tend to lean on being "the fullest expression of the Church" rather than claiming to be inerrant.
  16. tampasteve

    Nazarene Church and Inerrancy

    Are you referring to the various views of scripture or the actual teachings and doctrine in the/a denomination? In other words, the inerrancy of scripture or the denominational teachings?
  17. tampasteve

    Texas or Florida?

    South Tampa has flooding issues in many of the streets, they have been trying to fix it for decades. That said, it is one of the more upscale parts of town. Hyde Park has less of those issues and is a nice and walkable community within the South Tampa area. You probably already know, but there...
  18. tampasteve

    I'm back...Praise the Lord!

    Glad you were able to get back in. Next time just open a Ticket in Support and we can help you out. Getting ahold of Administration is actually very easy, usually. That said, we are few in number and there are a lot of members, but if you open a Ticket we usually can help the same day for these...
  19. tampasteve

    Texas or Florida?

    Tarpon Springs is a lot of fun, it is a Greek community about 30 minutes Northwest of Tampa. Lots of Orthodox churches and great Greek food. It's fun for a afternoon and dinner, assuming you like Greek food. Are you intending on visiting for fun or more for checking out the living situation...
  20. tampasteve

    Please pray I find housing

    Praying for you and for God to provide your housing needs.