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  1. Tigger45

    Prayer for my mom.

    God’s blessings upon your mom’s health :pray:
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    Please pray for colonoscopy

    God’s blessings :pray:
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    Introduction Myself

    Welcome to CF!
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    The Hangout Coffee Shop

    Bought a cheaper brand to try out. It’s fair but thinking I’ll buy my normal brand again next time.
  5. Tigger45

    The development of doctrine.

    @ViaCrucis &/or @Daniel9v9 could answer these questions well and are both friendly chaps to boot. ;)
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    china prayer

  7. Tigger45

    Woman Helped 100 Seniors Re-Home Their Pets Before Passing Away, Bringing ‘Peace of Mind’

    That’s awesome thanks for posting Michie! It’s quite the conundrum. On one hand pets add so much to the happiness and well-being of a person’s life, especially to the elderly but on the other hand an elderly person will typically pass away before the pet which leaves the pet homeless. Good on...
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    what would a miscarriage praise God for?

    There’s nothing created that can’t be in awe of our magnificent God (period)
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    Techo Intro

    Glad you decided to join us!
  10. Tigger45

    Any Suggestions?

    Personally I like your approach. You’re a lot like me. Be about the Lord’s business in your life and when she drops a hint use it in a loving way to lead her to the historic Christ.
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    Acid Reflux

    God’s blessings :pray:
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    Who should host the Daily Show?

    John Stewart! \o/
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    Hello and Help!

    Welcome and God’s blessings :wave:
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    Join in prayer for Turkey

    Lord have mercy :prayer:
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    Pray for my granddaughter who needs more surgery

    Lord have mercy :prayer:
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    Pray to get this job and have a great career.

    God’s blessings on your struggle with a speech impediment and acquiring a job :prayer:
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    Glad you decided to join us!
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    Brain cancer

    Lord have mercy :pray: