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  1. camethodactor

    President Obama's war strategy

    Obama is interventionist warhawk a corporatist just like W and just like the Clintons. They haven't seen a war or an instrument of war they didn't like.
  2. camethodactor

    Who is your inspiration to be liberal?

    Jesus is why I'm liberal. First and foremost.
  3. camethodactor

    So what denomination are you?

    I'm a seminarian in the Christian Church (Disciples) and also want to be recognized by the American Baptist Churches USA.
  4. camethodactor

    Brian Maclaren? Is he a GOOD THING?

    Brian McLaren is one of my favorite theologians and have a high respect for him. I'm firmly in the emergent church tradition of such fine theologians as Jay Bakker, Donald Miller, Rob Bell.
  5. camethodactor

    What liberal beliefs/leanings brought you here?

    My acceptance of the Gospel of Universal salvation My open and affirming stance towards God's gay, lesbian, bi and transgender children in the life of the church and society especially marriage and ordination. Ordination of women Faith and reason are reconcilable I'm a theistic evolutionist...
  6. camethodactor

    What are you reading right now? + other questions

    Finished Reading: The Beer Drinkers Guide to God by William B Miller, Banned Questions about Christians by Christian Piatt, Banned Questions about Jesus by Christian Piatt The Scandal of the Evangelical Conscience: Why are Christians living Just like the Rest of the World? by Ronald Sider...
  7. camethodactor

    Have ICC or DOC Members Posted Regularly In the Past?

    Rejoice and be glad!- I'm a Disciples of Christ (DOC) seminarian at a United Methodist seminary. My calling from the Lord is to bring a union of the best of the mainline and evangelical traditions, forming new spirit filled and spirit led congregations that are affirming of all especially God's...
  8. camethodactor

    Which Christian do you agree with?

    I agree with the first one. I'm a Universalist in my view of the Gospel. All souls, Christian or not, will eventually be reconciled to God through Christ. Jesus said, "If I be lifted up from the earth, I will draw all people to myself". and he also said, "I have other sheep that are not of my...
  9. camethodactor

    What are you reading right now? + other questions

    Finished reading A The Seekers Guide by Elizabeth Lesser Care of the Soul by Thomas Moore What God Wants: A Compelling Answer to Humanity's Biggest Question by Neale Donald Walsh Christ: A Crisis in the Life of God by Jack Miles Abba's Child by Brennan Manning The Gospel of Inclusion and God is...
  10. camethodactor

    10 Things You Can't Do While Following Jesus

    Hallelujah and Amen! This is spot on.
  11. camethodactor

    God's Not Dead

    From the synopsis of the film, God is not Dead is not my type of film. One of the prime supporters of this film is a Religious Right organization called the Alliance Defense Fund (ADF) or as it is better known today as the Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF). The ADF's founding leadership includes...
  12. camethodactor

    I feel like the Church is failing the disabled

    The Jesus movement, before it got absorbed by the divide and conquer theology and politics of the Roman Empire, was a prophetic movement of ordinary men and women who sought to loosen the yokes of oppression, to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim liberty to all who are captives, the recovery...
  13. camethodactor

    Transgender people

    As a future servant leader in Christ's body, we are called as Christians to recognize the face of our Lord on each person and see the immortal light and love within all. Therefore, we are to unconditionally include, welcome, celebrate and affirm all God's children- gay, lesbian, bi, transgender...
  14. camethodactor

    Christians, have you ever been at this point in your faith before?

    The dark night of the soul is common and wrestling with the Lord is common. Jesus did it, the disciples did it, the prophets before Jesus did and they came out of these struggles as more resilient people. It's ok to be angry with God and to let him have it. Give the Lord everything you have-...
  15. camethodactor

    What does it mean that Jesus is "Lord"?

    Jesus is Lord is a statement that originated with the early Jesus movement and its challenges to the despotic Roman Empire. By professing Jesus as Lord, these early disciples were saying, "Jesus shows us the ways of the the kingdom and the ways of the God" He is our liberator, he is our peace...
  16. camethodactor

    Baptism (infant vs. adult)

    Speaking as a Disciples of Christ seminarian, I prefer believers (immersion) baptism to the other practices found in the church universal. I respect the soul liberty of my sisters and brothers in Christ to practice other forms of baptism. When a child of God is a baby or an infant they go...
  17. camethodactor


    I have met Pastor Nadia, heard her speak/preach at All Saints Church (Episcopal) in Pasadena. She shook my hand, signed my copies of Salvation on the Small Screen and Pastrix. Both books were engaging, thought provoking and fun to read. She is one of my favorite theologians speaking as one who...
  18. camethodactor

    Free hymnals

    I'm a seminarian, lay preacher, and worship leader in my local church in addition to being a total liturgy geek and would be interested in whatever titles you have.
  19. camethodactor

    Westbro Church

    Westboro Baptist Church better known Westboro Bigot Cult (WBC) is the result of hyper Calvinism and he is own grand delusions of power seeking to sanctify hate for the human family. They are not Baptist, they are not Christian and certainly not Christ like. Originally Fred Phelps and his...
  20. camethodactor

    What are your favorite Christian Blogs?

    The Sarcastic Lutheran (Nadia Bolz Weber)* *I personally met her last night at my church, All Saints Church (Episcopal) in Pasadena during her book tour. She is amazing in person and her books are nothing short of incredible. I read and have copies of both Pastrix and Salvation on the Small...