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    Please can you pray for my job?

    Hard to explain it all, but I didn't work as hard as I should have when I first started. I had a really difficult situation with a colleague when I first started. Please can people pray that work continues to be ok again, and that I don't get any more hassle from her again, and that she won't...
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    Crying in my car

    I'm sorry Angeleyes. Sounds like you need to get some practical support through a counsellor. Is there anyone at church you can also speak to, who can pray for you and offer you some support?
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    Should christian sex offenders only be forgiven by the church or also do jail time?

    Jail time :( It too easily becomes a cover up when abuse cases get dealt with just by the church. These stories are sadly far too common
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    Our beloved JohnNZ has gone home

    Thank you for posting this Butterfly. His departure is only just starting to sink in now I think. And it's just hitting me that I can't speak to him anymore. I spoke to him daily, he was always around to help me with anything bothering with me in life. He was a really loving person, with a real...
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    Please pray for my family

    Hi, I'm sorry I wouldn't post this unless things were really bad, but me and my family desperately need any prayers we can get at the moment if possible please. Going through a really difficult time where none of us are really coping at all at the moment. Not got much energy to go into it...
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    Are women inferior to men?

    Your definition of "head" is based on the English translation and not the koine Greek one that Paul would have used. It had various meanings, and wasn't the ordinary Greek word for authority. The biblical definition of the word "head" is not as "obvious" than what you would like to believe.
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    Are women inferior to men?

    Paul is often a poorly understood apostle. That passage's meaning in Timothy , the only one usually referred to, for why some don't believe women are to teach men in church is widely debated by many biblical scholars, and is not as clear as some think. It also doesn't allow for the other...
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    Just punishment for those who disrespect the dead

    Hmmmm...ok! In my 10 years of being a member here, this definitely the weirdest thread yet!! I think this is something I really didn't want to know! As well as being sick and completely wrong, how exactly is a sex act with a corpse pleasurable! ! And no I don't want an answer to the...
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    Support thread/area on forum for family member who has schizophrenia

    Does anyone know of any areas on the forum offering support for family members who have a close relative with this diagnosis, for support/advice etc? Thanks
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    How to stop overthinking?

    :hug: You definetely have anxiety, and I don't fully know what the answer is yet, as I am struggling a lot too, but I just wanted to reply to your thread, so at least someone did anyway. And possibly there may be some low self esteem issues too? Thinking a photograph might be bad? Maybe make...
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    Please pray I can forgive myself

    Hi. I said something to someone about a year and a half ago, that really hurt them. I was really insensitive. I really didn't mean to, but some comments slipped out, without me really thinking. They're ok with me now, after lots of grovelling and apologising...but every so often, I keep...
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    If you're single and older and noone wants you there must be something wrong with you

    Meh...the conclusion of the article just seemed to be "Jesus suffered along with us" as if being single is a trial and full of suffering, and it's nothing more than a cross to bear, and that's it... Let me know if I'm missing something though. But the conclusion didn't sound that positive.
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    How do you deal with people who hate themselves and project that onto others?

    Considering my dad recently said to me, that he doesn't know if he would continue to have much to do with his childdren, if they were gay, then I'd say hate sounds exactly right of some Christians! :( Not all though. But some "Christians" attitudes have been downright troubling and disturbing...
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    Left out AGAIN!!!

    Hi Chococat :) It sounds to me, that maybe you could have dealt with the way you confronted/spoke to them about it a bit better, but you apologised about that, so it's done with, over, dealt with, and should be in the past :) :hugs: It is hard when you're depressed or anxious, I know. You tend...
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    Prayer thread for those who are suicidal, depressed or any mental health issues (2)

    Thank you very much everyone. So much appreciated. It can be hard to pray yourself when depression hits sometimes. Thanks again. God bless all of you x
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    Still struggling with Depression

    Hi sure, I will pray. For you and me both. I know how horrible depression can be. I don't believe that God ever "punishes" you with depression though, and don't think anything in scripture ever tells us so. Try to not get sucked into that pattern of thinking, even though it can be so hard to...
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    Prayer thread for those who are suicidal, depressed or any mental health issues (2)

    Hi. My depression is pretty bad today. Please can you pray for me. Thanks