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  1. salt-n-light

    Lesbian and hopeless

    I struggle with this as well at times, but the difference from before to now is that the struggle is like any other struggle. In general, you're not alone in the magnitude of the struggle, the sin we can't quite grasp on becomes the most important sin to tackle. If I'm worry about my gluttony...
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    A pact with God

    You don't give yourself a place in Heaven, nor do you make yourself go to Hell. That jurisdiction is only through Jesus and His salvation. You breaking a promise, it bears its own punishment, you ending up feeling shameful and need to hide from God by asking us instead of just trusting God's...
  3. salt-n-light

    God and singleness

    I share this story, of course not speaking as one as someone that was married or even in a long-term relationship, but observing my living situation with my sister who've been a widow for a few years now with my background who have been single (status wise) for quite a long time now. Note: I do...
  4. salt-n-light

    God and singleness

    Our very existence was dependent on two people that decided otherwise. Yes I can say that, but we're not gonna live like hermits til we die. The desire to have a companion or community to converse and grow with will still be there, and we are very creative people. I know people like to use Paul...
  5. salt-n-light

    God and singleness

    Who said anything about chasing relationships? And fellowship is not serving two masters. Jesus called us to love God and love one another as we love ourselves, not just to love God. My point is that in every relationship whether romantic or not, or non-existence serves its purpose in season...
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    God and singleness

    God is in every stage of life that you allow Him to be in. I agree that singleness does provide the space to be closer to God, whereas your attention gets divided with the care of another. I would argue though that its with relationship with others that i see even more of God's glory through...
  7. salt-n-light

    I Hate My Body

    Talk with a pyschotherapist, as it looks like you have a trauma behind your relationship with your body. Im sorry that you have been hurt :(. I've had one, and they are really good with helping you navigate your triggers and the connections to our thoughts and physical sensations. Also looking...
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    How do you view yourself?

    Inclined to evil, but made in right-standing through Jesus. I'll leave all that exhausting morality stuff with the atheists.
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    Luciferian Marches Happening Today (June 21)

    Saints, we must pray diligently for lost souls. Nationwide Luciferian march rollout on June 21 during solar eclipse ‘ring of fire’ | News Break
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    Lately I think the bible isn't so important.

    That's assuming people walk in life with nothing that challenges their faith nor come across people that questions it. Did not Jesus himself fight off Satan's temptations in the NT, not by doing good but by reciting the words left from OT? Did Jesus not spent years discussing the accounts of...
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    Are there passages in the Bible you can ignore?

    The Table Of Contents.
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    1.Why do we have different denominations? We tend to like complicating stuff and build tribes off of a thought leader that agrees with what we envision the church structure to be or to focus on. I call it following commentaries. Its not a new thing, I would study the letters of Paul in the...
  13. salt-n-light

    Lately I think the bible isn't so important.

    If its more important to depends on good deeds than depend on the Word, then probably the driving force is gonna be what you would want to be right or wrong. The bigger is do you wanna be right or wrong?
  14. salt-n-light

    "Cracka" Puts Blacks as Slave Owners and Whites as Slaves

    I'm not a policymaker, and taking one's property over another I wouldn't advocate, but I'm always for justice, and I do understand the cry of reparations. And besides, if you wanna talk about birthright, even Native Americans owned Black slaves, had sex with them, and even in current times are...
  15. salt-n-light

    "Cracka" Puts Blacks as Slave Owners and Whites as Slaves

    More so the government. Remember that it didn't stop at slavery, but discrimination of jobs, owning homes, also implanting drugs, incarcation of black males, segregation, racial profiling, bombing of black communities to the point that they no longer exist, etc. It would have to be something of...
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    "Cracka" Puts Blacks as Slave Owners and Whites as Slaves

    Not saying one slavery is better than another, its true that we don't put highlight on some of the other forms of slavery. I guess the difference is the reparations. Can't speak for other nations, but in the case of slavery of Blacks in America, there haven't been a true reparation from the US...
  17. salt-n-light

    "Cracka" Puts Blacks as Slave Owners and Whites as Slaves

    That's true, but at the same time some people felt that way about "The Passion Of The Christ". Is everyone required to watch The Passion Of the Christ to know or understand what the Crucificion meant? No. But visualizing it is an effective way to show the magnitude of the situation and drive...
  18. salt-n-light

    "Cracka" Puts Blacks as Slave Owners and Whites as Slaves

    I just think it further highlights race relations, I don't think it as a standalone it helps nor hinders. I don't see it as content to educate the masses on things that people don't know about, as the effectiveness is that people coming in have some form of awareness on slavery and racism prior...
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    Getting a Gun

    I always question what exactly would you be protecting yourself from, or what leads someone to conclude that firearms is the best solution to protect as oppose to other choices (guard dog, better security system, moving to a safer neighborhood, self-defense course, etc.). People as a reason to...
  20. salt-n-light

    Is it my job as a Christian to tell people they are wrong??

    If they are of God, then sharpening each other's iron should be a norm as as brothers and sisters in the faith, we are call to tarry one for another. You shouldn't be scared to remind them on what God's heart on the matters. It should be like telling a friend that they have a stained shirt and...