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  1. ww2pigeon

    prayer request

    May God lead you to a 12 step group that will help guide and can offer you support in your addiction. May God give you what you need as appose to what you want. In Jesus Name, Amen.
  2. ww2pigeon

    The 4th Step

    After many years in the fellowship I felt the same way. But I still was hanging on to some old behaviors and feeling that I kept doing over and over. Finally after a really bad bout with these behaviors I decide I need to go deep Spiritually, and I couldn't find what I needed in A.A. So I decide...
  3. ww2pigeon

    Drinking problem

    If your friend is drinking heavily and is concerned that if he stop he will use substances. Then He needs to recognize he has a addiction and needs to, go to detox and a 12 step fellowship. Controlled drinking doesn't work, Once we take the drink, The drink takes us. I pray that if your friend...
  4. ww2pigeon

    Drinking problem

    If your friend wants help, he needs to start with the first step, if he wants to stop and he sees that his life in unmanageable by him. He need to enter Detox, A.A. or both. If he wants to drink and call his caring friends on the Phone for sympathy and to get them all worked, then let him...
  5. ww2pigeon

    Just Turned 21...

  6. ww2pigeon

    I would appreciate prayer

    I ask you Father that you give confort, blessing, healing, mercy where it is need. In Jesus Name, Amen.
  7. ww2pigeon

    Plz pray 4 my mom - dr. says she may have some liver problems

    Father I pray for this mother and daugther, that the mother gets the healing she needs and the daugther find confort in your grace. In Jesus Name, Amen.
  8. ww2pigeon

    important appointment

    Lord I pray that your will be done and that it works out the way it is suppost to. In Jesus Name, Amen.
  9. ww2pigeon

    The never ending Fellowship thread

    Hello, been playing with my dog this evening. God Bless everyone.
  10. ww2pigeon

    When I drink I become violent...

    Just keep in mind it is not HOW MUCH you drink it is WHAT it does to you when you drink. May God Bless. Pigeon
  11. ww2pigeon

    Spiritual Warfare, Intercession and a Closer Walk

    Thank you for all the hard work that went into posting these. It is go to refresh and find some food for thought. God Bless. Ours in Christ, Pigeon.
  12. ww2pigeon

    Spinal Procedure

    Oh Lord, praying that your reasurance and love will confort chosenpath and her husband in this upcoming surgery. In Jesus Name, Amen.
  13. ww2pigeon

    Unspoken request

    Bring your mercies to our sister Father, give her strength and wisdom to make good choice and action. Let her know you are beside her every step of the way. In Jesus Name, Amen.
  14. ww2pigeon


    I believe that there are angles at work here on earth. I believe God works thought people and use them as Angles. And I believe that those who have disorders if they truly are in Gods word and trying to live their life for Christ have angles guiding them along the way. Althrough they don't call...
  15. ww2pigeon

    I've won my first soul for Christ. Kind of Scared.

    Glory be to God! And you just comand Satan right out of you mind in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.
  16. ww2pigeon

    How to trust God when life never seem to improve?

    Sense God in always there and steadfast, I would have to ask myself why did I move a way from God? If I let it MY thinking get in the way of Gods will, I struggle. I find that everything around me is a little more harder, more frustrating, more darker, more sad........ God didn't say that our...
  17. ww2pigeon

    Importance of Rehab or Counceling

    If you can afford it and it is available go ahead and go. It can't hurt. You might learn something. However it is not necessary to go. I am a low bottom drunk, and I never went to treatment or rehab. Cold Turkey all the way. I did start seeing a counselor about a couple months into getting...
  18. ww2pigeon


    I have found that it is best to find a person that has a similar belief in God as you do. It is OK to fire your sponsor. Some people are better at sponsoring and other are not. Look around and Listen when others are speaking, you can get a good idea what they believe after you hear their...