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    Why did God make Different Aged Rocks

    In his typical style, AV says that the "icing on the cake" portion is impossible and ignores the more basic request. Incidentally, Doctors probably count having adult-length bones, mature sex organs and so on as signs of ageing. However, my point was demonstrated to my satisfaction; AV has...
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    Why did God make Different Aged Rocks

    This is impossible; "age" in the context of a human being usually means how many years since they were born. Since Adam and Eve can't have been born (or if they were, they were born within a few days, according to a literal interpretation of Genesis) we must be using some different concept of...
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    Did we disprove evolution yet?

    Hi, not been here for a while. I've been pootling along in my degree, not really keeping track of the latest developments in Creation Science. I was wondering whether there was any radical new evidence that evolution is wrong (I gather that Biologists have been uncovering new evidence all this...
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    Creationists, consider . . . .

    Amusing to see that AV is still repeating the same old embedded-age story. I guess he hasn't justified his definition, still?
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    Is there something in the creationists bible?

    What kind of education are we talking about here? High school? College? University? PhD? Or is it the top-secret Christian education that you can only get if you swear to keep it secret and already believe everything that's going to be taught?
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    The Miracle of Evolution

    You'd better start off by telling us what exactly natural and unnatural mean here. Even then, something being natural and temporal doesn't mean it has to be caused, and how do we actually know that the universe as such is both of those? In the end the CA is asking the question, "Why does...
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    Creationists cant answer....

    People are just whining critters. Also, it's impossible to make a loud noise and push at the same time. Why? Because to push you need to have your diaphragm flat, pushing your stomach and so on down onto the uterus. To use an unfortunate example, it's the same if you're constipated. You can't...
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    The Miracle of Evolution

    The Cosmological Argument is nice and everything, but it assumes that the causal principle is true in cases where we have no reason to believe it's true. Furthermore, once you admit of an exception to the principle, e.g. "God just exists," then it's perfectly rational to reply, "No, the universe...
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    The Miracle of Evolution

    So is winning the lottery miraculous? What probability does an event have to have before it is considered a miracle? If a miracle is just something that produces wonder in the human mind, then that's fine, but there's no need for God.
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    Creation Evidence

    Hate? What hate? The only think I think anyone hates is the incessant repetition and rehashing of tired arguments that don't work, and never did the first thousand times they were used. Seriously - Louis Pasteur disproved spontaneous generation - that's old news. It's somewhat insulting when...
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    Hey Creationists!

    To help you in your everyday life?
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    Hey Creationists!

    Exactly. So why do you feel justified in discarding other people's effort so blithely?
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    Jesus and Epigenetics

    Evidence, plzkthx. Evidence, plzkthx. Evidence - please, okay, thanks.
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    Jesus and Epigenetics

    If that were true, gene therapy would be pointless and GM foods wouldn't work. There would be no point in selective breeding programs because cows could just choose to be scrawny.
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    I think the most likely explanation for the car's existence is a whole bunch of relatively intelligent, but ultimately flawed, selfish and altogether mortal designers put some time and effort into creating a car. Clearly, the universe is much bigger, so we need correspondingly more designers...
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    Hey Creationists!

    Science: putting in the effort to make everyone's lives better for 500 years.
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    ID is valid

    Also, any good tailor will ask a man which way he... hangs... in order to cut a little extra room on that side.
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    ID is valid

    "Fact" does not admit of degrees. Evolution is a fact, Intelligent Design is an unfalsifiable piece of pseudo-scientific sophistry. It doesn't belong in schools because it is religion, a direct product of the creationist movement, and because it isn't science. Teach it in RE if you want. What...
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    An Alternative to Mutations

    Epigenetics cannot account for most diversity, because we don't see the necessary responsiveness. It also doesn't explain the 3:1 recessive expression ratio, and can't account for, say, ERV orthologies.
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    Why the Fossil Strata Theory is a remarkable Hoax

    I don't believe you. Tell us, what would a transitional between humans and other primates have to look like?