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    My Embedded Nasal Ruby Challenge

    are you sure the picture is to scale though? :D
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    Observed evolution of organs??

    Great, this is the kind of thing Im talking about. If there isnt already it would be nice to have all this documented in one easily accessible place. Anymore?
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    Observed evolution of organs??

    I know, but I'd like to know for myself as well. Im sure theres something but I cant find anything, but Im probably looking in the wrong place. I can show fossils of course, talk about what evolution says about how organs developed etc, but I would like to point out the experimental research...
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    Observed evolution of organs??

    Hi, Having a debate in another forum and the guy is saying that we havent observed speciation, of course I gave him examples of that and he is coming back with the whole lets move the goal posts trick. But he also saying we havent seen the evolution of new organs, I would like to know if I...
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    Chimps are people too!

    Chimps are people too!! http://preview.tinyurl.com/5dj3jl :P ".. I feel that the scientific community arent really taking me that seriously... which is annoying because it cost 50 quid to have these made..." more: http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=F8A20372F5293FCB EDIT: I had to use...
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    Are we evolving?

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    So That Their Own Words May Be Quote-Mined Against Them

    Split Rock, you were too kind. Real Creationists wouldnt have used [...] to signify they chopped something out of the quote. :)
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    Are we evolving?

    Well no you arent just asking questions, you're just wrong. Do you accept that the word evolution and the theory of evolution are different things? Ed
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    The Atheist Religion of Evolution

    "...said Hovind. "
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    Are we evolving?

    Ok, but you still seem to be arguing that non biological evolution has a connection to the theory of evolution.
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    I'm teaching creationism in class! :)

    You dont think you'd be laughed out of the class? If Creationists scientific arguments arent taken seriously, what makes you think reading some scripture will be?
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    Are we evolving?

    [/COLOR] No, its biology. Evolution the word and the biological scientific theory are different things. Just because one uses the word evolution doesnt mean its talking about the scientific theory. No. Huh? Evolution is the consequence of mutation and natural selection...
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    The Quote Mine A Must Read

    Anyone else think this subject of this threat is ironic?
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    Indisputable 911 coverup facts

    As one of the Jersey Girls, I forget her name, pointed out in Press for Truth companion film In Their Own Words, we dont have a situation directly comparable to 911. However even if it was an external threat with a normal hijacking they would still have failed. We had protocols for that kind of...
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    Anthrax attacks an "inside job"?

    These attacks are something no one seems to want to deal with along with the British agents arrested in Basra which were found driving around in arab clothing and wearing wigs shooting people, that the British government broke out of jail, literally, with tanks when they refused to release them,
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    New presidential debate style

    ^_^ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ekSxxlj6rGE
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    Should we take a page from Dawkins regarding 9/11 Truth?

    Bush wouldnt go under oath in the 911 Commission, but apparently this would break some kind of rule. Im not just talking about Bush, Im talked about incompetence accross the board. I think its pretty clear they tried to deceive the public about their pre-war intelligence regarding 911. If...
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    Indisputable 911 coverup facts

    They claimed one of the reasons why they had such limited success that day in intercepting any of the planes was because of the downsizing and because they were looking outward to external threats. But according to the article you posted more fighters would have made little difference because...
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    Indisputable 911 coverup facts

    I already replied to this accusation already, so I'll just cut and paste it for you: I specifically mention his first answer. If he stopped at that point, there wouldnt be a problem would there? The problem is he refuses to accept this is a logical question to want to ask, and he even says...