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  1. JustRachel

    Amy Coney Barrett

    I haven't read all of the comments. Perhaps it has already been stated. It should not matter at all what personal beliefs an appointee holds as long as they vow to uphold the constitution and the law. Isn't that how the entire justice system is supposed to work? You will never, ever find...
  2. JustRachel

    What is it like being a pet owner?

    It is a big job, but well worth it. We are older and our pets are like our kids. It isn't always easy. We have a dog who was just diagnosed with diabetes last month. Now we can't just drop him off with anyone and leave town. He needs us every moment and it's getting expensive to care for...
  3. JustRachel

    Would You Text 911?

    Our neighboring county has implemented this. I believe it is for when you are unable to talk. If a bad guy is in the next room, for example. They said calling should be your first choice.
  4. JustRachel

    Nearly a Third of Americans Believe Covid-19 Death Toll Conspiracy theory

    I believe they are having problems getting accurate statistics. I fully believe it is real and have blocked friends on FB who subscribe to the conspiracy theories. The entire thing is stressful enough without them adding to my anxiety. I don't watch much news anymore either.
  5. JustRachel

    What are the benefits of reading the bible?

    Haven't seen this mentioned yet...it tells you who God is...his character.
  6. JustRachel

    ??? Now they want to ban singing and chanting???

    Didn't realize it meant that nobody other than Catholics could post here. I'm sorry.
  7. JustRachel

    What's All The Hype About Social Media?

    For me social media distracts me from spending quiet time with God. I am obsessed with Facebook. I pray to do better and often wish it were gone altogether. There is so much unChristian stuff there.
  8. JustRachel

    ??? Now they want to ban singing and chanting???

    All I said here was that I would be singing in my church. No attacks on Catholics and I hoped it was alright to add my opinion. My post seems to be gone now. I guess outside input is not welcome here, though the admin seems to be a Calvinist. These forums are so confusing/upsetting/mostly...
  9. JustRachel

    Christian music in the charts?

    Be very discerning. Most of what is popular is not Christ centered, scriptural, and even heretical. I like CityAlight.
  10. JustRachel

    How does discernment work?

    I have been taught to test everything against scripture. If a sermon leaves out Jesus and just puts forth what the speaker feels, run. Many will be deceived and you are seeing that.
  11. JustRachel

    Chastity in Marriage

    Everything is supposed to be tested against scripture...the books you read, the dreams you believe are from God, etc. Many have given you scriptures that don't align with what you have read or what you believe God has said to you. He does not contradict himself.
  12. JustRachel

    Is it possible to fall out of God the Father's love? What do you think?

    You should name the preacher that you watched. There are so many false teachers, preachers, "churches" out there now!
  13. JustRachel

    My daughter says I need an ipad

    I love technology. I'd like a tablet, but I am an Android fan. In the end, I still prefer a computer. I have a laptop now and miss my big desktop computer.
  14. JustRachel

    Supposedly Fun Things You Don't Like

    Wow. I simply said that I hated Monopoly. Don't be weird.
  15. JustRachel

    Supposedly Fun Things You Don't Like

    Yes, though I don't recall which ones now. It's been a long time. Hubby doesn't like to play any sort of games.
  16. JustRachel

    Supposedly Fun Things You Don't Like

    Monopoly. I always hated that game.
  17. JustRachel


    I can't begin to comprehend it all either. I hope someone smarter than me can explain what impact this has. I did see the stock market plunging, but they react over things that really mean nothing.
  18. JustRachel

    Simple POLL -- is Bidens memory in question?

    Some people make him out to be an idiot and stupid. I honestly believe he is having some age related issues and I feel bad for him. If he were elected, he could not do the job properly.