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  1. jsrdrnr


    My husband and I have a pretty good marriage. I am definitely content. The thing is that he hates to talk and he hates sex. Now, quality time and physical touch are my two primary love languages. He does so many wonderful things for me daily, but I still feel as if I am neglected. This is not...
  2. jsrdrnr


    I wanted to discuss something but think it may need to go in the women's only but I cannot find it. However, at the same time, I would like male viewpoints if appropriate. Can I post here or tell me where instead. Thanks!
  3. jsrdrnr

    Question and Prayer...

    Well, through my research, I have come to the conclusion that women are not bared from being ministers. I just dont know what I have to do to become one, how long it would take and where to go from here. I do know it is definitely frowned upon in my current school and church. One of the few...
  4. jsrdrnr

    overwhelmed by God

    Music, I have a though for you, it is a simple though. I know you know the truths of the bible...You are fearfully and wonderfully made...God loves you unconditionally...all your sins are forgiven the moment you ask...you are free from condemnation...and the list goes on and on and on. Now...
  5. jsrdrnr

    Question and Prayer...

    Hey guys....I need some prayer for wisdom and answers first of all. This all has to do with the fact that traditionally I am southern baptist. I am by nature non denom but I currently go to a baptist school and a baptist church. I know for sure that I have been called into Ministry. Ok, so...
  6. jsrdrnr

    My church just changed their stance on homosexuals. What do I do?

    Time to find a new church. If they are going to water down their beliefs for culture sake then it is time to move on.
  7. jsrdrnr

    Anyone from Virginia?

    Lynchburg now.
  8. jsrdrnr

    Liberty Online

    Just like anything, you have to do your research. They are a Christian school and some things will not transfer, but if you have a degree, it will transfer under most cases.
  9. jsrdrnr

    What's your college major?

    Finishing my internship for my BS in Counseling, Crisis Counseling and start my Masters in Professional Counseling in August.
  10. jsrdrnr

    Suggestions Please

    You can also try to get help from your church.
  11. jsrdrnr

    Suggestions Please

    There are quite a few options out there. What are your plans when you finish? Do you want to only work in a church or will you need a license? If you are only going to work in a church, you can look into the AACC's programs. I dont know about financial aid though. There are quite a few...
  12. jsrdrnr

    Affordable Online Seminary

    If you apply online the fee is waived. It was or me and my husband. I applied online for both my undergrad and grad degree and my husband for his undergrad. So three times it has been waived.
  13. jsrdrnr

    A place to hang out & chat - good, clean, respectful support of one another (2)

    Just thought I would send an update. Hubby had an MRI today and it was good. They are gonna put him on some pain patches so he can hopefully go home soon. I am doing better. I have made the choice to forgive myself and have to do it several times a day still but we are working on it. Thanks...
  14. jsrdrnr

    A place to hang out & chat - good, clean, respectful support of one another (2)

    Speaking of prayer...me and hubby could use some. He is in the hospital right now and I have been by his side. I am starting to drain and he is still not getting better. I am also the cause of his being in the hospital and for some reason I cannot forgive myself. I know I should and I know...
  15. jsrdrnr

    Prayer for VisionWalk

    My husband has what is called optic atrophy. He is legally blind and has been since birth. It affects everything he does in life. We have the opportunity to participate in this year's VisionWalk here in town. We have set up a financial goal and ask for your prayers to meet that goal. I also...
  16. jsrdrnr

    A place to hang out & chat - good, clean, respectful support of one another

    Wee! I have been accepted to school. I am registered for classes. My financial aid is in order. I am so excited!
  17. jsrdrnr

    I have just been told I have auult ADD from my doctor

    Hopefully the new med will help. I know it can be frustrating playing the med game. Hang in there. I will be praying for you.
  18. jsrdrnr

    I have just been told I have auult ADD from my doctor

    The first thing to do is to learn as much as you can. Driven to Distraction is a good book. It has case studies from adults and kids. It answers all of the most common questions. I love the way it is written. It is not full of medical jargon. It explains things in a way that the average person...
  19. jsrdrnr

    Migraines w/ loss of: taste, hearing, vision

    I am using my phone so I only have one reply font, sorry. 1. Can you get a second opinion? If a migraine is not gone in a certain amount of time, in my experience, a neurologist will admit you into the hospital, or at the very least send you to the ER, to give you stronger meds via IV to knock...