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Walsinghsm Way
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Jul 4, 2018
Jul 3, 2017
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Sep 27, 1972 (Age: 46)
Region or City:
Metro Atlanta

Walsinghsm Way

New Member, Male, 46, from Metro Atlanta

Walsinghsm Way was last seen:
Jul 4, 2018
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    Sep 27, 1972 (Age: 46)
    Region or City:
    Metro Atlanta
    United States
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    The following is a work in progress, and in a continual process of revision. Please bear with me.

    I am a believer in the God and Father of Our Lord Jesus Christ, having been raised in the Anglican/Episcopal Church tradition, who believes and worships as an Anglo-Catholic with Eastern leanings.

    My goal is to always be immersing myself in the Scriptures, the Fathers, and the Prayers, such that I can fulfill Isaac's admonition that "unless the heart is engaged in study, it cannot withstand the tumult of the body's thought."

    Intellectually I am an adherent of Thomism in philosophy and as a framework for theology.

    I am a reader of the Fathers, especially the Desert Fathers of Egypt, Syria and the Middle East generally, counting Ss. Ephrem, Macarius, and Isaac of Nineveh, as well as the ascetic Evagrios Pontikos -apart from his condemned speculative writings- and The Philokalia among spiritual writings that I cherish as opening my mind to the treasure of Scripture.

    Devotionally I accept the veneration of Icons, the use of sacramentals, having a special place in my heart for the Shrine of Our Lady of Walsingham.

    At various times I have studied with a Messianic Rabbi, an Anglican priest, and a nondenominational men's group (using the Building For Freedom workbook). I am preparing to start a MA Theology (and Philosophy) from a RCC College's online program.

    I look forward to learning, loving and growing with you all.
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