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Vanguard PCD
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Nov 13, 2014
Jan 27, 2013
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Alabama, USA
Law Enforcement - CSI

Vanguard PCD

Progressive Christian Deist, from Alabama, USA

Vanguard PCD was last seen:
Nov 13, 2014
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    Region or City:
    Alabama, USA
    Law Enforcement - CSI
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    I currently have a degree in criminal justice, with an emphasis on forensics. I study US Constitutional law and keep up with SCOTUS decisions that affect case law.

    I also study religion and history. It is my goal to earn a PhD in Theology as well as a MA in Ancient History. To help my understanding of ancient texts, I am learning Hebrew and Greek. I have an interest in psychology and philosophy, and how humans from different time periods think and act according to the world around them.

    I am a Christian Deist. That may sound like an oxymoron, so read this for an explanation:


    Theology, ancient history, linguistics, psychology and philosophy: these help me gain an understanding of the ancient world and how religions developed.

    Total Gym, weight lifting, martial arts, cardio: these help keep me physically fit, burn away stress, and curb anxiety.

    Reading books, writing poetry and stories, playing the drums: these help keep my mind sharp and allow me to utilize my natural talents.

    Camping, hiking, archery, gun collecting and shooting, horseback riding, white water rafting and astronomy: these I do because I love nature and being outdoors.

    Cooking, watching movies, listening to music, roller coasters, playing with my two sons: these I do for fun!


    God gave us the ability to reason...
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