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Dec 4, 2016
Mar 30, 2007
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Born Crucified, from Mississippi

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Dec 4, 2016
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    Born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio. Married at the age of 19 and have 2 sons by that marriage. Received Christ in March, 1974. I got divorced in 1975, (due to my husband's adultery) and stayed single until 1981, then remarried (big mistake) a drunk. Was married to Charlie until 2000, when he killed himself by drinking himself to death (October, 2000). Stayed single and thought I would remain single, but the Lord had other plans. I married Ron, a retired pastor, in June, 2005. We live in the delta of Mississippi and are members of an Independent Fundamental Baptist Church here.

    Bible Study, reading & crochet


    If today, the Master came
    To take His Bride away
    Would you be left behind in shame
    Or enter that glorious Day?

    © 2005 RW Robey
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