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royal priest
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royal priest

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. Feb 24, 2016

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    At age 7, my parents had divorced, and I was in the custody of my apostate mother over my Christian father. I would visit him on weekends and he would drag me to church every Sunday. At age 13, I joined a rock band and gave up visiting Dad for band practice. At age 17, I joined a 'death metal' band and was writing blasphemous lyrics about Satan's victory over Jesus the crucified. At age 19, I was contemplating suicide....sex, drugs, and rock-n-roll got the better of me. That was when Jesus Christ intervened. My older sister, who used to be very nefarious, had contacted me to share her newfound faith in Jesus Christ.
    Long story, short, some months later, I moved in with her and her husband and attended a Reformed Baptist Church with them. I was astounded by the application drawn from the Scriptures.
    One night, on the following week, while wrestling through the Bible in prayer, I was moved to ask my brother-in-law about the Gospel. I asked him, "what is the big deal with Jesus Christ? Why did God use Jesus Christ to save people from their sins?" That night, he presented the clearest and simplest explanation of the Gospel I've heard to this day. He took two books in hand, and said, "imagine being God: holy, and hating sin. This book represents you, the sinner. As God, you can't stand the sight of it and are determined to cast him into Hell. This other book represents Jesus Christ. He was morally perfect and only ever did that which pleased His heavenly father."
    Then, my brother-in-law took the book that represented Jesus and placed it over the book that represented me and said, "When a sinner puts his trust for eternal life in the life and death of Jesus Christ, this is what God now sees in the sinner."
    Upon hearing that explanation I straightway gave my life to Jesus Christ; trusting in His death as an atonement for all of my sins; trusting in His perfect life of obedience to be credited to me as if I had been perfectly righteous all of my life. And to this day, Jesus has been drawing me closer to Himself and delivering me from myself for His glory and honor. Soli Deo Gloria!


    The more wretched and despicable our condition is, the more inclined is God to show mercy -- John Calvin
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