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R. Genevieve
Feb 11, 2019
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November 29
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R. Genevieve

Member, Female, from Texas

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    November 29
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    United States
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    Call me Genevieve or Genny. I'm an English major whose second home is the theology section of Half-Price Books. I'm a fan of C. S. Lewis and St. Patrick of Ireland.

    Denominational Beliefs: I was raised in an Evangelical Baptist church, but I don't consider myself a Baptist for a few reasons (i. e,: I believe in the Real Presence of Christ in the Lord's Supper, I don't think infant baptism is wrong, I'm all for monasticism, I don't have a problem with written prayers, etc). I have a deep respect for Catholicism. That said, I believe in immersion baptism, I am skeptical of the existence of Purgatory, I don't believe in the authority of the Pope, and you can pry the five solae from my cold, dead fingers. I suppose this makes me Anglican-ish, but I generally just say "Baptist", "a Baptist who thinks the Catholics are onto something" or "a Bad Baptist".
    UPDATE: I'm currently attending a Methodist Church and I'm looking into being confirmed as one.

    Interests: history, literature, theology, genealogy, crochet, embroidery, cheesecake, and warm beverages like tea and hot chocolate.

    Currently Reading: Dune by Frank Herbert.


    "And I offer this book with the heartiest sentiments to all the jolly people who hate what I write, and regard it (very justly, for all I know) as a piece of poor clowning or a single tiresome joke."
    —G. K. Chesterton, Orthodoxy—

    (> <)
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